QFC40 - City Life - [DONE]

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The Cygneoie Chèvre 1050i. Cheap doesn’t have to be drab

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The 1992 PG32 series Genoace G

By Planar

The new PG32 series Genoace brings Aussie brawn to the hatchback market.

Performed by a trained deliveryman on a quiet mountain road. Do not attempt.

With its Halvson supplied 1.4 ESi engine making a whopping 57 kW, the PG32 Genoace can get you where you want with more than sufficient speeds.

The PG32 Genoace is also stylish, with a contemporary look that fits in in any city. Its small size and RWD drivetrain also make it more than nimble enough for darting around tight city streets.

Available now for $8,990 AMU, call or visit your local Planar dealership today to find out about offers and to take it for a test drive.

BetterDeals returns with a low effort entry. Very low effort. Very.

Yes, that is an HPD. No, i don’t like it.
Now, what makes this HPD any different from the others?

It does 100 US MPG.

It’s the only interesting thing about it. Besides how it looks.
QFC40_-Djadania-_BetterDeals_HPD_100_MPG.car|attachment (55.8 KB)


1992 Altamont Buzz, for the busy bees in life.


Created in collaboration with @Tsundere-kun

1992 Akari Miso 1.0i


Horsche engineers in the special requests department have been busy making a cute little guy you can fit under a table… almost.

Introducing the Horsche 392 Bounty City Sport

Our engineers have created a hatchback that focuses on economy while still being sporty.
To accomplish this our engineers exploited VVL to the greatest extent and paired a modern manual gearbox with the optimal ratios for both sport, and economy. While grabbing from our heritage we decided on an homage to our 50’s 1.6L F4 and changed it into a F6 for stricter emissions and while benefiting from more power.

The 392 Bounty is a NA 1.6L F6 SOHC 24 Valve producing 107lb-ft @ 3800 and 86HP @ 4800
These specs are similar to our inspiration from the 50’s you will be able to experience a classic sports experience on a budget.

Top speed: 190km/hr
0-100: 9.97s
80-120: 7.5s

HP curve

More below

Hey! who approved that sixth photo!?

You can buy this car and never know if it was meant to be an economy car; And thats the point.

How do we accomplish economy mixed with performance? Its our intuitive design of the Variable systems that we have been experimenting with. If a client doesnt use the RPM above 2500 as in most city vehicle use, you will always have the best fuel economy. This means that our engine is more efficient than one with a catalytic converter. Our engines are so efficient we can afford to be sporty and efficient: not only on emissions but also on your wallet at the pump.

Presented by Horsche



'92 AMS Abella 1.0i

A practical and well-packaged city car, yours for just $9k AMU. Also the predecessor to the 2009 model.


1992 Mara Zora 1.3 K5

The Zora is Mara’s smallest and most modern car in their line-up for 1992, despite its roots dating back to the early/mid 80s. 1990 was its last facelift, a hasty adaption to Gasmean market requirements (meeting Hetvesia’s much stricter safety regulations was out of the question…) and the ditching of the antiquated round headlights.

(The first of Mara’s brand new developments after the fall of the Closed Curtain would only see the light of day towards the end of the year after, 1993, and a new city car wouldn’t be around until 1995.)


1992 EMW -Stadtwagen

Just trying to survive in the aftermath of the german reunification, we decided to focus on the low budget, small car market. Our latest design:


1992 Smith Dash Mk V
1.3L 73hp
“Dash your way through the city”

Mk V and Mk VI


Oran Rakun 1.6 LE

The perfect car for a young family.
It has creature comforts and modern amenities.
Dozens of dehydrated and underfed horsepower.
It can do 0-100. Can your kids do that?
No? Then instead of 9 camcorders to document their failures, how about an Oran Rakun.

It’s cuter than your kids!


1992 Rogala Lew 4

In colaboration with @machalel

More than what meets the eye


Rogala Lew 4 Trims

Rogala Lew 4 (base)
Rogala Lew 4 (limited)
Rogala Lew 4 GTK (sport)


1992 Famal Myria

The Myria 1.1CE is just the car you need for driving around the city. Nimble and brisk, it’s a joy to drive, and with a modern 16-valve engine and lightweight construction it’s also very friendly for your wallet. Lightweight doesn’t mean a spartan and cramped box, though - it has a standard cassette player and a pleasant interior with the space for all your daily needs. So, it’s the car you need - but after you drive it, you’ll see it’s also the car you want.


Economy: 5,5 l/100 km
Acceleration: 14,6 s 0-100 km/h
Top speed: 167 km/h
Price as pictured: 8980 AM$

The new Famal Myria - your daily joy.


Bit of a last minute submission so don’t really have time for an ad, so I’ll just post it on here directly…

ENSO Micron
TLDR: 3 Cylinder economy kei hatch imported and modified for international markets.

Exotic Features:

  • Seats
  • Steering wheel
  • Ability to drive
  • A roof over your head
  • Lights

(TBH the only thing this car is ok at is fuel economy, and I’m willing to bet some insane mf out there is gonna submit a 100MPG car so I’m lacking in that department too…)




Now, to celebrate the olympics, we release a special version of the IP Urbana.

The “Barcelona” is based on the 1200 SX version of the Urbana. It is painted in “Typhoon teal metalic”, and the extra equipment on the outside contains of a rear spoiler, side stripes and fog lamps up front.

On the inside, the Barcelona has a special upholstery, the leather wrapped steering wheel from the Urbana GTT, a rev counter and a tape player.

Urbana 1200 SX “Barcelona”. Yours for $8810 AMU.


Horuba Mushi
Harmony 1.1

All trim variants
Essential - Starting from 7,990$
  • Only available with 1.1 48hp Engine
  • 4 speed manual or CVT

Stock equipment:

  • 90’s standard safety
  • ABS
  • 2 speaker cassette radio
  • 5 seats
  • Progressive suspension
  • Roof bars

Harmony - Starting from 8,790$
  • Available with 1.1 48hp, 1.3i 65hp and 1.6i 90hp engines
  • 4 speed manual (5 speed for 1.3i and 1.6i) or CVT

Stock equipment:

  • Everything the Essential comes with plus
  • 4 speaker cassette radio
  • Manual A/C
  • Coloured interior
  • Painted bumpers
  • Full body cladding
  • Stylish hubcaps

Sprint - Starting from 10,990$
  • Available with 1.6i 90hp or 1.4i 16v 110hp engines
  • 5 speed manual (shorter gear ratios for 1.4i 16v)

Stock equipment:

  • Everything the Harmony comes with plus
  • Aluminum hood, trunk and roof
  • Limited slip differential
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Lowered sport suspension
  • Sport exhaust
  • Sport tires
  • Traction control
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • Painted body cladding
  • Paint matched handles and mirrors
  • White sport steel wheels
  • Sport appearance pack

Celestial - Starting from 12,990$
  • Only available with 1.6i 90hp
  • 5 speed manual or CVT

Stock equipment:

  • Everything the Harmony comes with plus
  • Aluminum hood, trunk and roof
  • Comfort suspension
  • Traction control
  • Leather interior
  • Power steering
  • Automatic A/C
  • 6 speaker CD radio
  • Painted body cladding
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • Dual tone paint
  • Luxury appearance pack
  • Luxury alloy wheels
  • Sunroof

Zenith - Starting from 14,990$
  • Available with 1.4i 16v 110hp or 1.6i 16v VVT 145hp engines
  • 5 speed manual with short gear ratios for 1.4i 16v
  • 6 speed manual for 1.6i 16v VVT

Stock equipment:

  • Everything the Sprint and Celestial comes with plus
  • Signature Zenith Alloy wheels
  • Exclusive premium Zenith interior
  • Sport tuned lowered suspension
  • Sport exhaust


1992 Régal Citadin

Yes, it is cheap.
Yes, it only has 47 hp.
No, it is not exciting.
No, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Régal Citadin - I guess it will have to do.


martinet logo_s

1992 Martinet PM 1.2 Pois Verts

The PM 1.2 Pois Verts (green pea) edition from Martinet. Proved and tested in french city trafic.


1992 Martinet by Miller Motors