QFC9 - Dramatic Debut

Floyd Supercar Team - FST (or FaST) SSC 530.

Details of the SSC 530


I bet the reason you used the 360 body (specifically, the mid-engined one is that the Mako body set is too new for this QFC (it unlocks in 2009 - its predecessor from 4.1 unlocks in 2000), but your styling cues translate especially well to the '95 360 body set (which only comes in one size).

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Yeah it’s the Modena type mod body. Versatile and light

For 2004 Kerberos’ in–house specialty arm Spartan CoachWorks has resurrected the Typhon mid–engine sports car. Equipped with an aluminium & carbon body, six speed paddle shift transmission, and 6.1L V12 it’s expected to get to 60mph in under four seconds on the way to over 200. There are also rumors floating around of a sub 1:20:00 time on the Top Gear test track, but these cannot be confirmed at this time.


:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:2 DAYS LEFT :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:
(assuming the update doesn’t drop within the time period)

the huge list of submissions is as follows:

2004 RareGen AUTEX

3L Twin Turbo V6, 552hp, AWD, 358kmh top speed.



Since it isn’t stated otherwise, I am assuming V16s are allowed?

Introducing the BMA Hyperion 10. Wanna prove you’ve got what it takes to drive one ? Come to us and get yours. The 6.4L V10 will make you deaf, so you won’t hear death coming. And why hear it when you can outrun it ? What could go wrong with a 600hp+ RWD, 6 speed manual hyper car ? A lot of questions. But hey, you’re way too rich and too cool to care about them.


yes they are
just mind the et limits


Time to flex a max price Arion V16 ballistic missile :sunglasses:

The Wells SS-2


Arion Cassiopeia 16C 2004

Style, Luxury, Prestige and Performance: All wrapped up in one fast supercar

Shown in Shining Celeste with Black & Mystic Blue interior

Formed from concept in 2003 then reaching production in 2004: The Cassiopeia 16C became Arion’s next flagship supercar, displaying to the world the pure speed and agility intertwined with comfort and road-handling ability.

It came standard with helpful on-road comforts for anyone rich enough to daily drive a supercar such as active suspension that with a touch of a button can lift the front to go over bumps with little hassle.

The Cassiopeia is Arion’s first Auto-Manual equipped road-going supercar utilising a mixture of automatic transmission for cruising around town and manual paddle shifting for the track.

16C stood for the powerful 6 litre V16 motor equipped with AEVT (Augmented Electromagnetic Valve Technology) system providing 728hp by 448lb-ft.

Being no lightweight at 1,492kg, it is still able to achieve 1.19g’s in cornering, 0-60mph in 2.9s and 240mph+ top speed, through a sophisticated new 6-gear auto-manual transmission paired to an electronic LSD in a RWD configuration.


Arion Automotive


And I thought my entry was a masterpiece! Yours, however, has raised the bar even higher. To come up with such a stunning design so close to the deadline, at a time when you are also hosting CSR149, is an extraordinary achievement.

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I didn’t think I’d manage it either, but I should focus on csr149 reviews now! Thank you for the kind words too!


Well, it looks great, there’s no need to argue about it. I generally like the Porsche Macan and that’s why I’m excited about something like this. Yes, the prices for it are cosmic, of course, and that’s why I’m thinking about a used car. I would probably pay more only for the sport seats, keyless entry into the car, rear view camera, heated steering wheel, dynamic lighting system, navigation and ventilation of the front seats.

Some mighty fine cars in this competition


I got motivated waaaay late in the game and made mine yesterday.

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Additional submissions from:


2004 Bizzarro GR-X 7.4

Do you want an Italian hypercar, or do you want an ITALIAN HYPERCAR? There’s a difference. If you just want the former, you can go to Fiat and their pet stable and ask for a carefully measured and balanced pony. If you want the latter, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

From the perpetually angry and passionate region of Southern Italy hails the Bizzarro automotive atelier. We do it the old-fashioned way: Chasing speed, consequences be damned. We lay up our CFRP body panels by hand; By God, your car will be unique one way or another. We don’t have the budget to design an entire new engine, just our unique 5-valve head designs - so to get maximum power, we slapped a couple of them atop a race-prepped aluminum 454 big block. We give you the most top-end navigation system possible - by contracting some big-name German electronics company to make one for us.

The GR-X is our latest and most insane car, with a current output of 730 horsepower from that GM-based engine (and yes, it chops a fair amount and sounds beautiful), and it’s good to reach the monstrous milestone of 400 kilometers an hour. That’s 249 mph for our most valued American customers. 0-60 is 3 seconds, quarter mile is 10.3, and 3280 feet is 17.8. The design language is meant to evoke past great Italian hypercars, because God knows the new ones look like melted cheese. We did go seriously, unironically all out on the car’s safety system - because you can’t buy another one if you’re a corpse. Downforce is a balanced affair, allowing you to reach the maddening aforementioned top speed while keeping tire grip steady at any pace. Finally, we at Bizzarro trust our customers - therefore, you get a real manual. No F1 flappies here, you control the whole car… God help you.

Well, I been driving all night, Devil by my side,
I used to call him Jekyll, now I call him Hyde.
Teeth like granite, fingers of gold,
Are we gettin’ ugly, or are we gettin’ old?

Sugar, sugar, sugar, you look so mean!
Honey, honey, honey, drinking gasoline!

-Rob Zombie