QFC9 - Dramatic Debut

QFC 9 - Dramatic Debut

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DISCLAIMER- This is my first time hosting a proper Automation challenge, so if you think any part of the rules are absolutely wack, let me know. If the entire brief is terrible, I have no problem with writing an entirely new one.

Miami, 2004
Rapper King Scythe has just found breakthrough success from his debut album Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, and is now going to celebrate by buying loads of drugs and a brand new supercar. The supercar in question needs to be extremely flashy to let everyone know he has made it to the top. (at least until he loses all relevance.)



  • Trim Year: ≤2004
  • Max ET: 200
  • Minimum 2 seats
  • Minimum safety: Standard 90s
  • No semi slick tires
  • Max Price: $150,000


  • Variant Year: ≤2004
  • Max ET: 200 or 210 for mixed materials
  • Max octane: 98 RON Unleaded
  • Catalytic converter and at least one muffler required
  • No race parts


  • Model and Engine family name: QFC9 - (forum username)
  • Model Trim and Engine variant: free

:star: :star: :star:

Style- If Scythe wants everyone to know he’s rich, his ride must obviously look the part as well.

Sportiness- The car needs to be well capable of illegal and dangerous high speed driving.

Performance Stats (0-60, Top Speed, etc)- Everyone knows that numbers are a major flex factor, including Scythe.

:star: :star:

Comfort- Scythe has enough money to daily his supercar, so he wants to do so in comfort.

Drivability- Scythe wants a car that can handle being driven by a maniac like him. He is capable of driving a manual in case you are wondering.


Economy- Supercars aren’t known for great economy, but Scythe would hate to be constantly flashed by the papparazi at gas stations.

Value- Even though he has plently of money, Scythe still wants decent value per dollar out of his purchase.

Safety- It would be terrible for a new star to die out so young.

Reliability- The car must last until it gets replaced and starts catching dust in a garage.


  • Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged.
  • The round will obviously be ran on 4.2, and I will laugh at you hysterically if the car is not from the correct version.
  • Try and keep things realistic, though I can understand if it is a struggle with the theme of this round
  • Using a convertible body will give a 10% comfort increase to make up for the stat loss.


  • Submissions open August 29 12 AM EST, then close September 5 11:59 PM EST, provided the huge update doesn’t break everything.
  • Unless the updates drops in the middle of the challenge, there will be no resubmissions.


Lamborghini Murcielago

Porsche Carrera GT

Saleen S7

Ford GT

Pagani Zonda

humble request

Dear @AMuteCrypt , we humbly request as a community that you increase/remove the word limit so we can make people feel bad about losing in more detail. I won’t write an entire essay or anything, neither am I capable of. A 140 character limit would just force me to act like I’m simplifying my sentences for children or something.

Thank you,
LS Swapped Skill Issue and the community

  • Added convertible bonus of 10% comfort
  • clarified that the fuel must be unleaded since it is definitely not obvious and so many people would think there would be no consequence for using leaded fuel

Like I was saying earlier about the limit, it’s just a suggestion. The spirit of the thing is to keep it simple

I’m sure this refers to super unleaded, since catalytic converters are mandatory. Speaking of which…

The former must be a three-way unit of some sort, given that this round is set in 2004.


I don’t know if I like you saying “the community” without consulting all of it, but I agree that something like a 200-280 character limit would fit actually describing a car a bit better. My advice is go for that target in this competition, and if the turnout time doesn’t suffer the actual “community” will likely consider that the new QFC benchmark.

I do not support the usage of narcotics, and denounce this challenge.

Oh, chill out. Just like our challenge cars and this rapper, the drugs don’t actually exist.


I wholly support the proliferation of narcotics, so support this challenge entirely


They don’t? Darn. Now I need something else to spend my paycheck on…


Will there be any restrictions on advanced trim settings?

is there a noise limit, with the performance intakes being so loud. They might get a noise reduction too in the next update

I lobby for no

no advanced trim restrictions, feel free to make a tonka truck now
and no noise limit


:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:SUBMISSIONS OPEN :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

just one question on “race” parts. Is “race” aero considered a “race” part?


To be clear, you meant >= 2004 (greater than or equal to 2004), you want recent supercars correct?

tf you mean
im saying the newest your car can be is 2004

2004 AMS Archer R

In a world gone mad with power and speed, one machine stands head and shoulders above the rest: the all-new AMS Archer.

A 660-bhp 6.0L naturally aspirated V12 with a rev limit of over 8500 rpm takes this beast from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and a searing top speed of 230 mph.

Its distinctive exterior design is not only guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, but also aids in delivering headline-grabbing performance figures.

A close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox and electronic limited-slip differential effortlessly transmit its immense power to the ground.

Racing-inspired suspension, braking and aerodynamics keeps the tires planted and yields 1.2g of cornering force on a 200m skidpad, with unmatched stopping power.

High-quality genuine leather, carbon-fiber and aluminum trim provide a luxurious yet sporty ambience for the occupants, whether at a standstill or at over 200 mph.

The AMS Archer - an unparalleled driving experience for the enthusiast who has everything and is willing to flaunt it.


Olympios Tachytato 700 Anoichto

Why pay taxes when you can buy a 395 km/h supercar instead?
Why walk even 0,62 of a mile, when you can get there in less than 20 seconds while screaming with joy?
Why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly to paradisical Mykonos to pick this beast straight out the workshop?

We heard the rest of the EU laughed when the prototype was presented 5 years ago [funded by EU “industrial development” loans no less :smiley: ]
You laughed, too, at our heroic football team, but look who just won Euro 2004!
Now, cope and seethe as the glorious Tachytato takes the crown as the fastest road car in Europe…and the World. [IRL at least…until the Veyron shows up next year]

No expense has been spared in creating this two-ton chariot, including safety equipment - if you can afford this car, your ass is worth saving, wouldn’t you agree?
We skinned the Bull to cover the interior in black and white leather. It has GPS Navigation System with a huge 4" color screen, and a great sound system with subwoofer and 6-disc CD shifter (just crank it to 11 to actually hear anything)
Glorious song of V12, whose origin shall remain the stuff of legend, will make you the center of attention - the prime purpose of a supercar.
loud ness

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