Question on light bulbs and surfaces

Yeah… Again me… But, I have a one question, Is this posibble to make headlights lightning normal, like not make light from all of the glass surface, but lights surface? Cause I can’t see indicators when glass is giving me ultra flashbang with lights. Or should I ask about it beamng developers?

In short - it should come, eventually.



I didn’t understand your question a bit, could you be more precise about what the problem is? It seemed to me that your headlights are not bright enough for you, or the problem is that the light does not cover the entire surface of the headlights as you would like, am I right? Maybe you should change the lamps in the headlights to solve your problem.

It was 4 years ago and my question has already been answered. Automation lights still suck in beamng, but at least they’re good in automation itself, so whatever