Questions for engines

Hello there, I have some questions:

If the V8 engine is released, do they have a real V8 sound. Different from the engine sizes?

Is it an idea to make an engine designer of a one cylinder or 2 cylinder boxer engine. I now it’s not really recommend for cars, it might be fun to experiment with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another question might be fun to designing two-stroke engines? That would be cool, but it would be alot of work.

Thanks for reading this all questions. :wink:

Yes, the V8s will have proper V8 sounds, also the Crossplane crank ones (American/German V8s are usually this) will sound like a V8 should, and a Flatplane V8 (think Ferrari V8) will sound different (like an angry swarm of bees!

We won’t be doing 1 or 2 cylinder engines or 2-stroke, as we already have enough work! :slight_smile:

Oke , that would be sound nice in my ears!! Flatplane V8 Awesome. :astonished:

But what do you mean by Crossplane crank, the positions of the big end on the crankshaft?

1 or 2 cylinder engines or 2-stroke maby as DLC?

Good working, keep it up!

The difference between a flatplane and a crossplane crankshaft is the angle between the crank throws, a flatplane have 180 degrees, whereas the crossplane only have 90 degrees between the throws.

Flatplane cranks are lighter as the need less counterbalance and will there for spin up faster, they are typically used in race cars and highly specialized sports car engines (Ferrari and Lotus)

The crossplane crankshaft was first introduced by Cadillac in 1923 as the compensated crankshaft. A crossplane crank is much smoother but is heavier because it require heavy counterweights.

T16 thanks for the information!!

A while ago I thought that 90 degrees crank was used for faster engines, but it require heavy counterweights. :geek:

Wil there actualy be engines as dlc that will be fun

There will most likely be a dlc expansion with all the weirder engine configuration and diesels (which I still think are too important to leave out of the launch version but that’s beside the point)

List of which engines are in the launch and which might be added latter, here.