Race of the Century - A Le Mans Challenge [RESULTS RELEASED]

thanks for the feedback! certainly will take it into account


Hello, this will be my first ever submission and first ever car I have shared on here.

Without much more prelude… The Luath Gaoth(LMDH)

The Gaoth is an evolution from previous LMP2 entries from the Scottish car brand Luath,

Power comes from a twin turbo V6 and hybrid system

As this is my first ever build I’d appreciate any feedback but don’t go easy on me :slight_smile:

I can only upload one photo right now also.

Thanks, Matthew

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More pictures of the Gaoth LMDH

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I present to you the Tarske Doce LMH.

More pictures

This is the most work I’ve ever put on a build, hope you like it.


Here is my submission for feedback. I’ve never competed in a challenge on the forums, so I hope I’m doing this right.

The car is for the GTE Am class.

The 2020 Lenius Faro GTE

(Edit: I realized some parts of the car did not comply with the rules, so I uploaded new pics.)

More pictures


can there be multiple entries per category or is it one-per?

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We do a little LMDH-ing


There can be multiple entries per category, but as mentioned previously only the highest placed car will be counted. (e.g. if you enter two cars into a category and they get 1st and 3rd, you will be awarded 1st place only)


I’m now submitting for roasting in the LMH class:

Twin-turbo V6, FR layout and prototype body (considering LMH has basically become a prototype class irl).

Fuel fillers have been added after the photos were taken.

More pics


Could cars with a centeral single seat in the middle count for lmdh, or would it have to be to one side?


Recently Spied:

One of our phtotographers in Italy was able to capture these photos of an unknown race car prototype driving flatout around Cagliari’s private test track. It seems as this could be a GT3 car for the upcomming 24 Hours of LeMans, although official registry lists do not show any sign of a Cagliari presence at the upcoming race, apart from LMDH. What could this secret mule be, and what is it hiding?


Unlike LMH cars, LMDh cars follow a more traditional layout.


so its legal?
just a little unclear lol

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2023 EFI RS Komi

Notable differences from 2020 Komi R:

Revised aerodynamic package:

Ground-effect underbody concept - derived from RS02 concept, significantly higher load
Front wing concept - derived from RS02 concept, improving aero efficiency, higher load
Canards - local load, flow conditioning
Rear wing geometry - improved aero efficiency, less load, less drag
Rear wing endplate - drag reduction
Rear spoiler - lower AoA, wake conditioning
Rear bodywork - drag reduction
Front bodywork - flow conditioning, aero efficiency
Front suspension - flow conditioning
Side wing - flow conditioning
Side mirror - flow conditioning
Roof fins - flow conditioning, drag reduction
Rims - drag reduction


Revised, more compact cooling package for new aero concept
ram-air performance roof scoop intake
high-performance LED headlights + additional beams
various reliability upgrades
revised maintenance intervals
Modular bodywork - much improved serviceability
EFI PS2 Safety Seats

price on request

more pics

Submitting this large and wide boy for submission.
2023 Platinum Centuritron LMH


Will there be another round of feedback before the feedback deadline?


coming soon, to a world famous french race near you…


Yes, there will be, we have been quite busy over the past week though so hopefully it will be out by the end of this week.

Now that the thread is starting to fill up, please DM all further feedback submissions to BOTH of us (@chiefzach2018 and @kookie) to avoid the risk of getting buried.

Once again, please make sure these pictures are brightly lit and show a good representation of your car. A .car file is not necessary for feedback submissions and will not be looked at.