Racing Models

i know motor sport wont be included from the start but how about this a racing team gets in touch with you about you designing a race version of a current model (like a lot of le man touring car and rally teams do ) you keep the rights to the car and could make a road version of the racing car (like the Porsche 911 gt3 rs) say instead of a family saloon you get a racing light powerful sports car version of the saloon

if the team that bought the car won a race or championship it could also significantly increase you brand prestige therefore sales would increase .

also the teams could vary from local , regional , national , continental and worldwide with rally , endurance and sports car 40 lap race type races like the ginetta cup . even maybe a race for your brand once a year held in your honour.

my last thing is concourse events with judges voting on car appearance speed ect.

Possibility for the race team expansion :slight_smile:

just want to ask this what about company agreements like how in Japan they had deals up untill the 1990’s to limit engines to 276 bhp and German saloons limited to 155 mph will you be able to make deals with companies like was done in these situations . like to use the same engine types in certain cars .

also how about development partnerships like Mercedes and Aston , Toyota and Subaru and mclaren and bmw where they give you a chassis design for a engine design . one last thing how about new companies start up and you bankroll them for a percent of the company ( VW and Porsche ) then that means about 15% of there sales go to the parent company as well as design and prestige.