Rally Tires

Making rally cars of various performance levels is one of my most favorite things to do. However the “Offroad” tires in game make for rubbish rally tires. There is so little grip compared to the rally tires the vanilla Beam.ng cars get. It would be amazing if we could get a rally tire option that is comparable in grip performance to Beam.ng rally tires.

I do admit this request would have very little impact in Automation gameplay, but, if it is not too difficult to add, it would be a very appreciated addition!

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For beam im pretty sure hard long life are the best rally tyres.

I don’t think proper motorsport parts will get added to Automation. Maybe they could add in to the exported cars an option to switch to 205/660 rally wheels but as far as I can see, exported car wheels are linked to the suspension so that will probably be a lot of work to add interchangeability.

It’s not a priority anyhow, so I’d recommend you look in to modding the exporter.

They are slightly better, but still a long ways off