Reflectors and body moldings

Hello! Since I’ve been playing this game a lot, I’ve started looking at real cars, I’ve noticed a couple of things that we can’t really do at the moment, which are quite common on production cars. First is reflectors - red ones at the rear, or orange ones on the sides. Some of the lights presumably include these, but a lot of cars have them separate.

Also, body moldings. Either the rubber rub-strips down the sides of a lot of cars in the 80s, or the “make this look more off-road-y” plastic bits around the wheels and along the perimeter of most SUVs, especially cross-overs. This would allow the addition of a great deal of visual interest to the cars. Separate bumpers could also potentially be included in this, instead of having them included directly with all of the body types. Very modern cars often have seamless bumpers, but the older ones had big Chrome or rubber pieces, which if we could swap out and around, might look good.

I think I saw somewhere that later on, it will be possible for different trim levels to have different fittings (I’m assuming this is, for example, to be able to add a wing to the “performance” version of a car, etc.). If that’s the case, then some aero kits would be a great thing to be able to add. A lot of car manufacturers add a bit of extra plastic down the sides of their most sporting car trims, as well as the wings and lips which we can already emulate.

Thanks for reading! =)

Seeing how much you can do with just a few rubber and chrome bits when placed in creative hands we will definitely add them to the fixtures list. For the time being they are just mods though :slight_smile:

The trims will be “unlocked” for fixtures again, yes!

Since your going to add the ability to change a platform’s fixtures, would it be possible to add flares as fixtures to the game? Then it would be possible to use the same platform for both a base model and sport model without worrying about morphing the body too wide or too narrow.

Thanks, glad to hear it! What about reflectors?

Oh! And in the US we have central brake lights that have to be relatively high up on the vehicle, and at the moment that’s pretty much impossible. I’m not sure where that would fit into the GUI, but a central-snapped single light option would be handy for that.

This is a really good idea if it could be made to work.