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“Ragata” means, well, something like a very mean and angry woman in swedish… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Rennen Bellezza Futura Tribute concept was constructed in 2018 to pay respects to the original Bellezza Futura concept of 1964, which was Rennen’s introduction as a automotive brand. The Tribute Concept will remain a concept, with only one functioning concept produced.

The Bellezza Futura Tribute Concept is based on the Apophis Prestige 3.0T S2 to emulate the original BF concept with an FR layout and a boxer-6 up front. The turbochargers have been adjusted to produce over 400 HP, and a 6-speed manual has been outfitted to the Tribute concept. The wheels and tires are more aggressive, and combined with a lower stance the already impressive center of gravity lowers even more. With lightweight bodywork, the Tribute Concept maintains the factors that make the Apophis a great driver’s car and emphasizes them for a more purified driving experience.

The Bellezza Futura Tribute Concept is very clearly inspired by the concept of the past; however, much like the old concept, it looks to the future of Rennen. The color, for example, was tailored to emulate the original car’s bright, clear blue. However, now it has been darkened and created a more luxurious, rich style that permeates the style of the car. The lines are dynamic and flowing without being overbearing, and proportionally the car reminiscent of the original coupe with a very long, very low hood and tall rear deck. The side vents not only are highly sculptural, but help to evoke a flowing theme which will soon be present on all Rennen vehicles to come. A favorite element of the designers is the active-aero rear “ailerons” combined with a full-width rear spoiler. The rear is more squared off than that of the Apophis on which it’s based, and the LED taillights are shaped in a semi-circular way; just like the Bellezza Futura. The concept, then, harks back to the past of Rennen’s history, and yet it still looks to the future of what Rennen will become.


Probably your boldest design so far and I’m so loving it :weary:

Even by your lofty standards this has to be one of the best designs you have ever come up with. It is as much of a window into the future of Rennen as it is a tribute to the original Bellezza Futura.

i gasped and said “oh my gosh” out loud. breathtaking as always.

Rennen LEC-Debonair. The final of 3 concepts looks into the future of perfection in performance.

Rennen unveils the LEC-Debonair concept, which is the final concept of 3 to be released in the LEC-X lineup. Taking the conventional 3-door hatchback layout and then applying Rennen’s futuristic design language creates a new dimension in Rennen’s lineup.

The LEC-Debonair Concept continues to use the same layout and powertrain as the rest of the LEC-X models; a longitudinally mounted, AWD, turbocharged boxer-4. As with the LEC-Serenity, the Debonair produces 300 HP routed through a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission to all 4 wheels. Unlike the other models, though, the Debonair’s powertrain is supplemented by two 75-horsepower electric motors at each axle, each of which allows for 25 miles of all-electric range. Combined, the Debonair concept produces a total output of 385 HP. Safety features such as Stage 4 “Cruise” mode allows the driver to relax and take in their surroundings. Inside, the dashboard is dominated by a massive 50-inch wide screen display which relays all the information needed for the drivers and passengers including real-time data, weather, news, and more. The headlights are created using a series of OLED’s, making for a thinner, more sculptural design. Thanks to torque-vectoring, each individual wheel is able to apply different speeds at different times, ensuring a perfectly balanced experience no matter where you drive. The LEC-Debonair is a car which is connected at all times to all places.

The exterior of the concept was chiseled by Rennen’s European design studio in Frankfurt. The Debonair truly advances the design language of Rennen; the rear taillights are sealed in a gloss black panel and disappear when the car is turned off. The entire front fascia is arguably the starkest of the three concepts, with a tall, imposing look and futuristic flow. The side blade incorporates the suicide doors flawlessly. More radically designed is the rear, with a massive rear diffuser and vents, accentuated by two center tailpipes. The LEC-Debonair is the Rennen that truly looks to the future of our company’s designs.


Rennen announces that by 2025, at least 50% of their lineup will be electrified.

It’s known that the American brand has been experimenting with hybrid and electric vehicles; however, the brand has yet to put a fully electric or hybridized vehicle on the market, instead focusing on perfecting more traditional methods of propulsion. However, CEO Gabriel Kayne stated recently that “hybrid and electrically assisted vehicles are the most viable future of automotive propulsion. Although hybrid and PHEV vehicles are in development, we will continue to refine the internal combustion engine until the benefits are almost on par with hybrid-electric vehicles.”

Concepts such as the LEC-Debonair shown this year at Paris and the 2017 Kastana Concept both show glimpses of Rennen’s future. Their first hybrid is set to debut in 2019 with the Caelum entry-level luxury car, which itself will be unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.


Dynamics, luxury, and technology meld into the next generation of compact luxury.

Rennen’s final vehicle in the LEC-X lineup is no design study; it’s the next-generation luxury compact Caelum, born to redefine the segment.

Sedan Prestige 255 S4 trim in Blue Jay Metallic shown.


Multiple engine options are available at release for the Caelum, all of which being twin-turbocharged 2.1 L Boxer 4 engines. The frugal “190” variant comes equipped with a 193 HP engine mated to either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic sending power to the rear wheels; with the automatic, the Caelum is capable of up to 37 MPG*. A step up comes with the “255” variant, with a more powerful 258 HP engine only available with 4WD and an automatic. The most innovative powertrain is the new Caelum BlueTech; combining a economically tuned engine with torque-vectoring electric motors at the front wheels achieves an EPA estimated 45 MPG combined and a robust 225 HP. The Caelum applies the all-new longitudinal SD (Sports Dynamic) platform, with front wishbone suspension and rear multi-link derived from our experiences in touring car racing. Weight-saving measures such as aluminum body panels and a lightweight chassis provide for an exhilarating driving experience. With roots tied into racing and cutting-edge technology, the Caelum transcends all expectations into a truly dynamic compact luxury car.

*EPA combined estimated.

Hatchback Prestige 255 S4 trim in Monterrey Red Pearl shown.

“Bold elegance.” Those words were used as the mantra to describe the style of the all-new Caelum; available in either a refined 4-door sedan or a sleek 5-door hatchback, there’s no limit to the class that this Rennen exudes. With heavy inspiration from each LEC-X concept, the internationally design is obvious. With the quintessential winged headlights, thin geometric tail lights, and Seraph side blades, the Caelum is easily recognizable everywhere you turn. A long hood, short deck, and lower height provides for classic sports-car esque proportions that visually lengthen, giving the car an aggressive stance. The bodywork is carefully modelled with tight edges but also with softer corners in order to cohesively form a car which appears to be one organic mass of metal. The Caelum is a sexy and svelte vehicle which has styling that effortlessly matches the rest of the Rennen lineup.

Hatchback Prestige 255 S4 trim in Monterrey Red Pearl shown.

Rennen debuts the latest REV3® infotainment (REV3®) system on the 2019 Caelum. This operating system can be controlled on a standard 9” touch or dial-operated screen or and optional 11.0” screen along with a 11.0" vehicle function screen which controls everything from ambient temperature to ambient lighting. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on all models. The vehicle’s bucket seats are supportive and offer multiple points of adjustment, especially with the optional 12-way power operated seat. In terms of quality, much of the classic definitions of luxury remain; the high-quality materials are unparalleled in the class. However, the design is assertively futuristic. The geometric vents, optional dual-screen infotainment system, and sculptural steering wheel keep the pilot in the action of the driving experience. As such, the all-new 2020 Rennen Caelum exceeds all expectations inside and out.

Sedan Prestige 255 S4 trim in Blue Jay Metallic shown.

Rennen. Perfection in Performance.

Prestige Trim with Jet Black Leather and Aurora Indigo inserts shown.

Standard Features
Optional Extras


Exterior Color Palette

Opal White Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Machined Grey Gloss, Platinum Silver Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Blue Jay Metallic, and Frozen Bancha Metallic, respectively.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black Leather (with Sapphire Leather Inserts), Couverture Brown Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Alpine White Leather, Sapphire Leather with Jet Black Inserts, and Golden Beige Leather (with Alpine White inserts), respectively.
Dark Bamboo, Bleached Beachwood, Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), respectively.