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How do you make your interiors?

He photoshops other car interiors and makes the dash HUD separately


The interior of that I believe was the S class. Photoshop does some amazing stuff


Rennen wishes everyone very happy holidays!


I think this one was made using UE4, and hints at Rennen’s first SUV.




Rennen LEC-MTR. The first of 3 concepts spreads it’s wings on road and on track.

Rennen pulled the wraps off of the LEC-MTR concept, which is the first concept of 3 to be released in the LEC-X lineup. With pure racing in mind melding with technology, the LEC-MTR represents the past and the next generation of performance.

The LEC-MTR Concept packs a 2l turbocharged Inline-4 mounted longitudinally in the front of the car. With new turbocharging technology, the engine produces 400 HP at 8300 RPM with an 8800 RPM redline. This powerplant sends power to all 4 wheels through a 7-Speed Dual Clutch transmission and 2 electronically controlled limited-slip differentials. 0-62 MPH is done with in a scant 3.8 seconds. The powerplant can send up to 100% of it’s power to the rear wheels and 75% to the front; if preferred, the front driveshaft can be completely switched off to make the LEC-MTR a RWD car. The suspension is completely digital; active springs can provide changes every 1/3000th of a second and adaptive dampers can also adjust every 1/2000th of a second. With all of these combined, the LEC-MTR is a true performance car for the ages.

The exterior of the concept was meticulously crafted by Rennen’s American design studio, hence it’s unveiling in Detroit this year. With a wild design never seen in Rennen’s history, it encapsulates all which makes Rennen unique; the headlights have been morphed into a more striking design than on our production cars with contemporary lines and edges that are unseen in other Rennen vehicles. The stark design of the LEC-MTR complements its dynamic nature, defining all that this vehicle is made for.


Love how futuristic this one is :wink:

I love it when people manage to get into new stage of their design work while still maintaining the company’s design language. This is really good


Rennen LEC-Serenity. The second of 3 concepts chauffeurs with dignity.

Rennen unveils the LEC-Serenity concept, which is the second concept of 3 to be released in the LEC-X lineup. Complete with a sexy, low design and ample room inside and out, the LEC-Serenity embodies luxury in a compact package.

The LEC-Serenity Concept has a 2l turbocharged Inline-4 mounted longitudinally in the front of the car, shared with the LEC-MTR. Tuned for efficiency and smoothness, the unit continues to produce a healthy 300 HP at 7500 RPM. The engine is funneled through a 8-speed automatic transmission to all 4 wheels; a similar torque-vectoring AWD system shared with the LEC-MTR makes the LEC-Serenity purposed for any road and weather conditions as well as any dynamic power shuffling for high-stress situations. With a laser scanner capable of evaluating the road surface ahead, the Serenity with it’s adaptive dampers and digitized springs is able to iron out all and any bumps in the road with imperfections disappearing from the driver’s touch. Steering is designed to be light and easy, yet provide feedback which reminisces of old-school luxury. Perfection comes in the form of magnificent comfort, and the Serenity showcases this perfectly.

The exterior of the concept was woven by Rennen’s Chinese design studio in Beijing; the concept is unveiled at its design home. The main theme of the LEC-Serenity was “Power through Presence.” The design is not strictly functional; side-camera flourishes help to clean the design. The front grille was kept at a minimal amount of accenting, helping to accentuate the prominence of the vehicle. A side blade visually elongates the design; suicide doors harkens back to limousine-style vehicles. Two simple, ovular exhausts in the rear define a simple yet elegant rear fascia. A classy and subdued yet distinctive design, the LEC-Serenity proves to pave the way for future Rennen luxury models.


Grand Tourers will never be so faultless.

Rennen surprised the world with the Rennen Apophis at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of speed. With seductive styling and physics-defying dynamics, the Apophis is the perfect coupe.

MT-R trim in Ragata Red Metallic shown.


The Apophis comes standard with an engine that dates back to the beginning of Rennen’s roots; the classic Boxer-6 engine. Outfitted with twin-turbochargers, the 3.0 L powerplant produces 362 HP and is capable of over 30 MPG*. Additionally, rear-wheel drive models have an exclusive 6-speed manual transmission option for no extra cost. Step up to the twin-turbocharged 4.2 L V8, and you’ll be greeted with a hearty 457 HP and standard all-wheel drive. Topping out the engine list is the MT-R tuned version of the V8 engine. However, in the top-spec trim, the powerplant produces a whopping 603 HP, with a stratospheric redline of 8000 RPM. Besides the 3.0 engine’s optional 6-speed manual, all models come standard with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Apophis’ potent performance doesn’t peak under the hood, either; adaptive dampers come standard on all models of the Apophis. Carbon-ceramic brakes are an option on V8 Exclusive models and standard on the MT-R. The chassis and body are composed completely out of aluminum, keeping weight relatively svelte considering the luxuriously-appointed interior. Despite all of this sporting prowess, the Apophis remains a comfortable cruiser on road; optional adaptive air suspension helps to iron out all imperfections on the road without sacrificing any of the classic handling and steering feel Rennen is known for. The Apophis, then, is a superbly balanced Grand Tourer without compromise. Comfort and sportiness meld together into one seamless and effortless driving experience.

*EPA combined estimated.

Prestige S2 3.0T trim in Lazuli Ocean Metallic shown.

The Apophis, no matter how you look at it, is jaw-dropping from every angle. Our traditional 3D to clay model process continues to be a part of the Apophis’ design procedure, ensuring a perfectly tuned appearance. The designers working on the Apophis specifically designed each and every curve, edge, and corner in hundreds of thousands of different lighting conditions to make sure that the Apophis looks just as gorgeous anytime, anywhere. The long, low hood is accentuated by our latest “Seraph” side vent and indicator composition. The headlights are the latest evolution of Rennen’s “angel wing” design, with a wide, low, edgy stance dominating the front end. Onto the rear, the design is streamlined slightly yet still aggressive, showing the pure beauty of the Apophis instead of cluttering it with hundreds of design elements. The Apophis is kept simple, yet elegant to produce the most beautiful GT car Rennen has ever made.

MT-R trim in Ragata Red Metallic shown.

The Apophis has adapted many of the innovations which made their way into the latest top-spec machines. Rennen’s REV2® infotainment (REV2®) comes as standard on an 11" touch or dial-operated screen along with a 11.0" vehicle function screen which controls everything from ambient temperature to ambient lighting. Solid aluminum gauges are again combined with digital readouts for maximum clarity, functionality, and style. Packages, such as the Carbon Package, help to shed some weight from the Apophis for a more pure driving experience whilst maintaining style and sophistication. Wood and metal inlays are also available. Seats are sculpted to keep the driver in place as well as possible, and a dynamic driving position ensures that the driver is always a part of the action. Style is clearly a blend of classic horizontal motifs and modern curves and edges all around the cabin to encapsulate the driver and it’s passengers in a harmonious comfort. Overall, the Apophis maintains much of the charm of older Rennen models whilst incorporating the latest and newest technology.

Prestige S2 3.0T trim in Lazuli Ocean Metallic shown.

Rennen. Perfection in Performance.

MT-R Trim with Jet Black + Sapphire Leather and Aluminum inserts shown.

Standard Features
Optional Extras


Exterior Color Palette

Opal White Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Machined Grey Gloss, Platinum Silver Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Cavansite Cerulean Metallic, Blue Jay Metallic, Ragata Crimson Metallic, and Frozen Bancha Metallic, respectively.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black Leather (with Sangria Red or Sapphire Leather Inserts), Sedona Brown Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Quartz White Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Sapphire Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Sahara Beige Leather with Quartz White inserts), and Sangria Red Leather, respectively.
Dark Bamboo, Bleached Beachwood, Light Oak, Aluminium, Piano Black, and Carbon Fiber, respectively.


Not that I don’t like this car (quite the polar opposite), but I see it for the third time here. And why is the V12 gone? :frowning:

It’s quite normal for cars to be redone if they’re kept every time the game build changes. I don’t think the Apophis is at all unique in this regard. Why, I think some people must have reuploaded their cars six or seven times if not more by now.


You’ve just made the Apophis look better than ever - I’ll take an MT-R with the HUD, Active Safety and Carbon packages, with a Cavansite Cerulean exterior and Sapphire/Jet Black interior with carbon fiber accents, thank you very much. That’s assuming I could actually afford one…

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Maaaybe it’s just me then with an impression that a little time passed between the reposts. In the end I’ve already republished two of my cars, and they both aren’t even in UE4 yet…

PS Still sad for the V12 though.

I feel so inferior by looking at Rennen’s cars. It makes All of my cars look like Huge piles of junk :joy: :cry: (Sigh… I suck)

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Yeah, I’ve switched up Rennen lore completely in the past few months. The Apophis is the first Rennen built upon the new history of Rennen, and all the cars in this thread are pretty much obsolete at this stage. In that regard, Rennen no longer produces a V12 engine.

Forgot about this place. Apophis looks mint.

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I wouldn’t pay 90k for only 350 hp.