Request a (real world) track here

Not sure if any interest in this, but I would be willing to make tracks based on suggestion. It might take a couple of days to get around to a suggestion, but it will get done.

So far, here is what I have done:

Bluegrass Motorsports Park - Road Course (WIP)
Virginia International Raceway (Grand West Course)
Request for track. Bathurst panorama raceway
Road Atlanta!
Charlotte Motor Speedway (aka Lowe’s Motor Speedway)
Swanson Proving Grounds
Silverstone Circuit
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona
Daytona International Speedway (Tri-Oval + Sports Car Course)
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (flying lap)
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (2.4 mile w/chicanes)
Circuit de El Pinar (Long Road Course)
Circuit Zolder
Sonoma Raceway
the Sachsenring (Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany)

And, of course, I made this tutorial for how to build your own tracks using the Editor built by ElSaico, which includes Suzuka

I am open to suggestions for new tracks. Let’s add to this list guys (and gals)!!! [size=50](someone said I am the only female on here, but that just cannot be…can it?)[/size]

[size=85]I am working on getting all of the SCCA Major tracks already[/size]

EDIT: Here is a running list of currently requested tracks (UPDATED 12/8/2014):
]Algarve International Circuit (Portimão, Portugal) requested by The Tom/:m]
]GP-Strecke (Nürburg, Germany) requested by VosNox?/:m]
]Green Hell Combined Course requested by RobtheFiend/:m]
]All 14 iterations of Le Mans since 1923 (current is completed already by oldgreg) requested by taoistlumberjak/:m]
]Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba (Pinhais, Brazil) requested by Leonardo9613/:m]
]Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada requested by darkstrike/:m]
]Portland International Raceway, in Oregon, USA, both with and without the chicane requested by Racer13/:m]
]Raba Ring in Hungary requested by kelemenlajos/:m]
]Snetterton in the UK (200/300 circuits) requested by Pleb/:m]
] Macau GP’s Guia Circuit in China requested by ElSaico/:m]
]Thunderhill Raceway, California, USA requested by oppositelock/:m]
]Cartagena Circuit, Spain requested by Lothoren/:m]
]Estoril Circuit, Portugal requested by hallow10/:m]
]Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, Pike’s Peak, CO requested by rileybanks/:m]
]I also have the lofty goal of finishing all 19 current season (2014) F1 circuits (13 completed, 3 in progress)/:m][/ul]

If you don’t see your request on here, remind me so I can add it.

What I cannot do is make the track images look professional, perfect, or even pretty. (you’ll see most of them are some sort of google maps concoction, and the rest were done with crayon and water colors) Perhaps someone could start a thread to do just that? I do not have skills with PS (I actually use GIMP anyway), but I have do have programming skills, which makes LUA files really simple and graphics really hard for me.

UPDATED 22 July, 2016
Others have picked up where I have been lacking, namely @ramthecowy has generously devoted much time to creating new tracks by request. I am going to do my best to keep the list updated. Currently here is what is being worked on, according to him/her?

  • Eagles Canyon Raceway Completed 1 August, 2016
  • Brands Hatch GP Circuit
  • Brooklands Circuit
  • Isle of Man TT (I heard strop will take this, don’t know the status, maybe tag him and ask?)
  • Gunma Cycle Sports Center (I’m unsure about trying this. It seems crazy and not being a track desiged for cars, it’s narrow and very bumpy, like 3-5 sportiness all the way through)
  • Istanbul Park
  • AutopolisLausitzring
  • Automotodrom Grobnik
  • Talladega Superspeedway
  • Autódromo do Estoril
  • Circuito de Cartagena
  • Circuit Park Zandvoor
  • Guia Circuit
  • Raba Ring

I’d love to see the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Automation, it’s one of my all-time favorite circuits.

I think the track list misses some more Formula 1 tracks, like Spa-Francorchamps, it might be a good new track. Silverstone is also a great high-speed track to test cars.

Today is my day off, so it shall be done by this evening! :slight_smile:

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona

I will work on Silverstone tonight.

That’s amazing, thank you very much!

Silverstone Circuit

Laguna Seca would be awesome, as well as the Algarve raceway or the Sachsenring

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Can you try Daytona?

Which course? Just the NASCAR oval? Or something different?

I will try it, but I want to get these F1 tracks done first. Once the Car Designer is completely finished (and more bodies like mid-engine), I hope someone will try to run an F1 series of some sort? I will add them to the list. :slight_smile:


I hope someone will try to run an F1 series of some sort? I will add them to the list. :slight_smile:[/quote]

That is such a great idea, I could give that a go, with some help, let’s see.

Just the NASCAR oval would be great.

I did both last night. I couldn’t load them here because access to site down again. The rest of the internet worked fine! Hahaha I will put them up here tonight when I get home from work. (If the site lets me)

Would the Nurburgring be too much?

Already done by Der Bayer.

I would guess he is talking about Strecke, the GP portion at the southern end, which was actually left off of Der Bayer’s track, Nordschleife.

I can do it after the current season F1 tracks are done.

Done! NASCAR tri-oval and the Sports Car Course as well. :wink: It gets a bit off at Bus Stop, and I didn’t feel like going back and fixing it. It fixes itself (pretty much) by the middle of turn 12.

Daytona International Speedway

Do you think it would be possible to create the Nurburgring? It would be very interesting to see the time of my and my fellow members cars.


[quote=“juubz20”]Do you think it would be possible to create the Nurburgring? It would be very interesting to see the time of my and my fellow members cars.


Are you a very generous spambot? Or did you just not look two posts above you?