Request a (real world) track here

I requested that quite a while ago, not really wanting it now so don’t worry about it

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@sniperbait636 I’ve just done it! Expect updates in the future with revised elevation changes.

@Matchstick101 @Nevermore1983 for those of you interested in BTCC, Donington is up! Soon, an update with elevation changes should be out.
EDIT: Oops! Sorry. Looks like the track is already here, my laggy internet decieved me to think there was nothing in search when it kept on loading. My bad.

@Fayeding_Spray Which circuit layout would you choose? I’m guessing the longest one?

Gp layout/basic layout.

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@DryIce done here!

I think my version does have the chicane… I don’t even remember :joy:

@Sayonara International circuit or short version?

@oppositelock check my version of Thunderhill Raceway. That is what you want, right?

@Pleb I’ve done Snetterton, I don’t think it was the 200 I did. Anyway, check it out, any feedback would be appreciated.

@ramthecowy any chance of a 1/8 mile an 1/4 mile willowbank raceway circuit and the full queensland raceway? It would be greatly appreciated I have tried and can’t get my head around making track I will still try to learn but.

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@Darkshine5 Sorry for a slow response, I can of course try making this
EDIT: Of course, I’m not a native Aussie, so I have no clue of anything. I see that Willowbank Raceway is a quarter/eighth-mile drag strip, but I also get search results like this:

And the Qld Raceway is this one:

Somehow they appear to be related but I’m not able to figure out the connection.

ok so willowbank dragstrip is a separate drag strip in the same complex. It is not directly part of QLD raceway.

and yep bottom pic is correct.

and finally you sir are a legend :thumbsup:

hang on a sec and il get a picture of the dragstrip in relation to the racetrack

Google earth location -27.692772, 152.661882

Edit: @ramthecowy yes correct, the dragstrip ends at the end of the dark road 1/4 mile

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So let me confirm then.

is the Willowbanks dragstrip, and then this is the Qld Raceway
<img src="//"
am I right?
@Darkshine5 thanks for the snappy response then, I’ll get down to it.
EDIT: @Darkshine5
Willowbanks Raceway v1
it’s done!

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@TheTom I know it was a long time since you requested, but I have just finished Algarve. It still needs one more update, but I wanted to let you know.

@07CobaltGirl so…ummm… I realised what I did just now. When I first came here, I was new and had no idea what I was doing. Now I’m not so much. :joy::joy::joy: sorry for hijacking your thread, I hope you didn’t mind me taking over your job

Oh, not at all!! In fact, this thread was for the community. I started it with lots of time to get tracks done, and then things changed. I’m actually very glad somebody picked up the slack and fulfilled the track requests. Please, continue on!!

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Then thank you for permitting me to pass!
@07CobaltGirl if there is one thing I would ask of you, could you update the main post with the list of all the tracks requested or somehow set it up so that I can, if that wouldn’t be too much to ask?

I can if you make a list here for me to update without going through all of the posts! I can’t give access to edit my posts to someone else. Only moderators can edit user posts they did not create.

I see. I’ll give that to you soon enough!