Request for sandbox -> Engine management


I found this great game about a week ago and bought it right away. What a good job you have done already and I’m really looking forward to what comes out when the game get’s more finalized.

I have been playing the game like mad and tried to find limits for engines on different eras and so on.

My request is concerning the engine management screen. I’d like to have some more info on the engines that I’ve built in sandbox mode. Most important addition here would be to have the technology year of current model and revision. Maybe also some additional information would be nice to have. Fex. the injection type or carburator type used and so on.

If this is the screen will be used for component selection on the final game I would also like to have it user defined so that I could pick the technical specs I want to the table.

I know this might be not top of the list for you and I know this is only a limited development version of the game. So don’t think this as a negative comment of the game. :slight_smile:

Yep, we want to make that screen a bit better and make it able to be sorted by whatever stat you want.

Another point is glossing over or split into folders ( by grouping the engine´s capacity or number of pistons, for example) when you have saved many engines can be a little chaotic.

An example:

viewed folder, click for access:________________________________________________and list:

Folder 1---------- Inline 4 -----------0.0L < 1.0L ---------------------------------------------------- engine 1
----------------------------------------1.0L < 2.0L----------------------------------------------------- engine 2
----------------------------------------2.0L < 3.0L----------------------------------------------------- engine 3
----------------------------------------3.0L < 4.0L----------------------------------------------------- engine 4
Folder 2-------------Inline 6---------3.0L < 4.0L----------------------------------------------------- engine 5
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- engine 6
----------------------------------------4.0L < 5.0L---------------------------------------------------- engine 7
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- engine 8
Folder 3---------- V8-Cross ------ 4.0L < 5.0L----------------------------------------------------- engine 9
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- engine 10
--------------------------------------- 5.0L < 6.0L------------------------------------------------------ engine 11
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- engine 12

and more…

I think that visually would not be so chaotic and the engines would be better organized, It is better to see 10-15 folders or categories and go directly to the engine that you are looking for , and not to lose yourself in a list of 70 engines. Viewing it here can be a little chaotic, but it´s just a way to show it, really it can be like a windows´s explorer, for example.

In this way, the way to show the summary of each engine would save space, by not showing the capabilities and the type of engine.
If we want to compare the number of stock and number of each type of engines produced and sold, in this example, it would be limited to the folder or category in which we are, so perhaps it could give us the possibility to be displayed in another screen to analyze the complete list of engines. Or maybe we only want compare the ¨similar¨ engines for compare the most commercial of them.

It´s an option.

P.D. Excuse my english.