Resto's Brands (Thread restructuring soon, I promise)

Here I will show my automation cars (specificly the ones of the companies listed below). I will also talk about the history/lore behind the companies/cars.

DAC est.1918
Solier (American sporty midrange brand. Pontiac + Oldsmobile + Dodge in the 20th century, Caddilac + SRT + Lincoln + Pontiac + various-upmarket-Germans in the 21st century), est. 1914
Dragad (American low-end brand. Ford + Chevy + Plymouth in the 20th century, Dodge + Chevy + Ford in the 21st century) est. 1926
Oaking (American luxury midrange brand. Buick + Oldsmobile + Chrysler + Mercury in the 20th century, Caddilac + Lincoln + Pontiac + various-upmarket-Germans in the 21st century), est. 1822, startet making cars in 1906
Stockholm Cars (Swedish upmarket brand. SAAB + Volvo + Lancia. Bought out by Belloso Mia in 1981, by DAC in 1996, and by Shanghai Motor Co. in 2005) Stockholm Auto AB est. 1945, defunct 2003, Stockholm Cars est. 2005

Somboy est. 1910
Somboy (Japanese manufacturer that mainly sells commercial vehicles in the US, though they have a much larger line in other parts of the world. Isuzu + Suzuki + Mitsubishi + Nissan + Subaru. Provides diesels for various companies that don’t have their own.)

Iasa Group est.1920
IFV (Truck/van producer. Competes on a global scale, selling everything from small pickups to buses and highway trucks to mining trucks. UD + Fuso + IVECO + Isuzu) est. 1962
Iasaki (Frugal global Japanese automaker. Nissan + Toyota + Mazda + Honda) est 1922
Sunset (Youthy oriented brand. Scion + Datsun + Saturn + Honda + Pontiac) est. 1983
Cressendi (Luxury, often sells rebadged JDM-only Iasakis. Lexus + Infiniti + Amati) est.1987

Belloso Mia est. 1947
Belloso (Makes high production cars, known as Selcia in US. Has an ongoing tradition of boxers. Fiat + IVECO + Subaru + Innocenti) est.1952
Deta (Luxury/Premium/Performance car maker. Lancia + Maserati + Alfa + various-upmarket-Germans) est.1938
Sorenia (a bit of mainstream, a bit of premium, a bit of performance. Currently recovering from their malaise identity crisis. Lancia + Fiat + Alfa + various-upmarket-Germans) est.1903
Elvan (Limited production supercars/luxury cars. Maserati + Ferrari + Lamborghini) est.1959

Feller Group est.1964
Onaria (German luxury brand. Opel (earlier upmarket models) + Mercedes + BMW + Audi) est.1923
Gutwagen (German run of the mill car brand. Opel + VW) est.1921
Feller (Austrian run of the mill car brand. Opel + Peugeot) est.1931
Elessar (Swedish semi-premium manufacturer. Volvo + SAAB) est.1918
Lance (British sportscar maker. Lotus + TVR) est. 1929
Kensington (American company. Many fans are still mad about the switch to SOHC I6/V8/V10s… Chrysler + AMC + Dodge), est. 1911.
Francisco (French-American super-luxury company. Bugatti + Bentley + RR), est. 1919

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And I thought that I have too many brands.


Haha, very funny. That’s not even all of 'em, just the ones I am still working on!

That’s a lot of manufacturers - and not all of their names make sense. Props to you for having the guts to come up with so many brands in a short space of time, though.

Which names don’t make sense?

Sullen is the one that makes the least sense - buyers would most likely associated it with dullness, and who on Earth would want that? The names for all your other makes are more fitting for their respective positions in the marketplace, though.


Similarities to Cosworth aside, I reckon it would be a more appropriate name.

I was going to use Cosworth until I remembered that it was a real automaker

Okay, Sullen is now officially Oaking.

2009-2014 Dragad B1000ST Bullcharger (6MT AWD).
6.9L V8, 435hp, 440lb-ft. The ultimate muscletruck.

When Kensington released their 456cui 150 CottonMouth in 2004, Dragad had nothing to compete. The CEO was catious about launching a project. She did not think the 431hp V10 powered behemoth would sell like it did. Finally, in 2009 (after the Kensington got bumped to 497hp), Dragad got it’s own supertruck. Complete with car-like handling, AWD and a manual (three things the Kensington didn’t have), it highlited the fact that, other than 2 facelifts, the whole line of kensingtons hadn’t gotten a redesign since 1998. Too bad the redesigned 2013 CottonMouth got a 383cui Supercharged V10 with 594hp.

2003 Kensington R10 CottonMouth Concept
7.5L V10, 431hp, 486lb-ft. We wish it was real.

In 2003, kensington debuted their R10 (Rochester V10) engine in this. 0-60 was a claimed 4.3 seconds. That’s fast for something with under 450hp. Power reached the rear wheels via 6 speed squential-manual. Both body and frame were carbon fiber, and the thing weighed in at 2423lbs (1099kgs), despite the cast iron motor. it sadly never made it too production.

2020 Francisco ReMari V8tt
6.8L TT V8, 1570hp, 1104lb-ft. Roaring Seas.

Re mari translates roughly to “King of Seas”, or “Sea King”. In my opinion, that is far too tame. The ReMari has a top speed of 258mph. It is not only the fastest SUV in the world, but the fastest three row, fastest hatchback, but the third fastest Francisco available. It also has comfort tuned suspension, 8 plush seats, and a big hood scoop. It’s even got 3 times the power of the V12 model. What’s more awesome than that?

I suggest you take closer pics of the cars, and post more than one angle. We’re too far away to see the details!


Thanks for the tip. What do you think of my cars?

Let me give you some examples. All 3 are my pics.

You have the wasd keys to change your position and the mouse scroll to change your lens angle. This pic is a good balance of both.

This one have the lens too curved and the pic taken too close. The car baloons and we can’t see the far details. It’s ugly but was done on purpose, to simulate a pic taken with a cheap cellphone camera.

This one have an almost flat lens, and is taken from far away. We can see the details, but the car feels too far away. This kind of pic only works when taking shots of a single car, with it centralized, and with the cam closer to it. This is how most of your pics look like. You just need to adjust your distance and lens curvature for the pics to feel more natural. Look at pics from real cars and try to mimic them.



Stay tuned for the GTM 200!

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Her she is after a long wait- The 1980 Onaria GTM 200!

A $23500 two door coupe bigger than a 5 series, benchmarking an M3, with 193hp and 1066kg curb weight…

In other words I picked the wrong E90 wheelbase and have done too much fixture work to restart with a proper 97.2in wheelbase. Here’s the file, if you want: (35.8 KB)

More Pics


1986-1990 Turbo model (32.4 KB)

221ti/225i “GT-line” 4dr sedan, 5dr wagon, and more traditional 2dr sedan coming soon, along with facelifted 1990 AWD Turbo version.