Rev limiter in stages

Hey guys,

I just thought of an idea. You know how cars have a red line on the tach, but sometimes the actual rev limit is higher? what if you guys added this when testing and developing engines? Maybe have 3 different rev limit settings that are chosen by the player, IE, suggested max shift speed before risking damage, then a few hundred RPM later could be the rev limiter where damage is prevented when shifting up, and then maybe a fuel cutoff RPM setting for when downshifting? I feel like this could be a great addition to calculating engine reliability! To show the stages when testing there could be portions on the tachometer like yellow orange and red for when approaching the various stages. I hope this suggestion made sense! Thoughts?

Thanks for your input


Rev-limiters would be nice to have in the game :slight_smile:

Overkill, in my opinion - especially since the shift points are already optimized. I think a better feature would be the ability to set the launch RPM for maximum acceleration. Currently it’s set to half the redline, which is not optimal for every car. Or, instead of a fixed launch value, the program optimizes the launch rpm based on the car’s available traction and power curve.

I don’t see how this would make the game any better. The redline in Automation is the end-user redline and it doesn’t matter how it is achieved technically. You can already set your redline lower than need be to improve reliability. It would add complexity for (almost) no benefit to the player.

Only needs to break the engine in the track when you set for example 11.000rpm redline in a engine with max rpm of 7500rpm.