Revero Racing/Amuna Performance

Revero Racing. The company that started the performance and racing car trends, and the one that exited the scene spectacularly later on (in 2000).

The Amuna Mauricio, the first car to be released by Amuna after the fall of Revero.

An impressive first blow, as it scores spectacularly well in the super class for a first shot from a newly formed ghost of Revero, as it was intended to, and a miracle considering its beginnings.
This car uses the MA112 V12, which was originally built by Lore Automotive to be used in a truck, and this is evident in its first state of form, in the Mauricio V12-C. This engine only produced 396hp…as a 6.0L stroker unit!
In addition to this, its torque figure wasn’t mind-blowing either, at 398 lb/ft and revved to only 6300rpm. But, because the car only weighed 1600kg it could still achieve 0-60 in 4.5s with a 5 speed AS Trimodo Manual, and would go on to achieve 178 mph. These aren’t impressive in this day and age, but it was quick in its day, and it sounded insane for a truck-based engine.
In its later guise, the GTS, pictured here, it made a more respectable 497hp thanks to revised cams, a new induction and throttle system and forged internals, which also allowed it to rev to 7000rpm, a more respectable figure too. This bumped 0-60 down to 3.8s and bumped the top speed up to 188mph, a more supercar-ish figure, while keeping its distinctive styling. It also features uprated front and rear brakes, with bigger 6 piston calipers all-round.
An advantage with that engine was that it used direct injection, almost unheard of in 2002/3, meaning it could be a fuel sipper, running at 21mpg in its basic guise.


Awesome job! It reminds me of a McLaren F1 in the front, and a Pagani in the rear.

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The Amuna RC901: The executive saloon for all your needs.

The Amuna RC901-30Ti, the 300hp TT V6 family executive designed for all uses and purposes.
From $39,008.

The Amuna RC901-50Ti, the 400hp 4.7L NA V8 luxury cruiser for the sophisticated and stylish traveller. Now with pneumatic suspension.
From $45,313.

The Amuna RC-901-50Ti L-Line, the ultimate final word in luxury track-obliterating with a 500hp 4.7L NA V8.
From $54,468.


30Ti: 307hp Twin Turbo 3.0L V6, progressive springs, mono tube shocks. 9-speed Adavntamatic gearbox, 169mph, 0-60 6.5s.

50Ti: 396hp NA 4.7L V8, pneumatic suspension, Twin-tube shocks. 9 speed Advanmatic gearbox, 181mph, 0-60 5.8s.

50Ti L-Line Carbon: 500hp NA 4.7L V8, Active springs, active dampers, carbon ceramics, 6 piston calipers, 7 speed DualSysto DCT gearbox, Advance-Active AWD system with electronic differentials, sport design magnesium wheels, road-legal semi-slicks, 0-60 4.0s, 186mph.

I REALLY think you should go for some weight saving on your cars to get some actual performance from them.
Also, yeah, we get it, it’s sort of a Zonda replica, including things like the engine name, but really, you should either go for a full replica or for your own design, otherwise, it just looks like a ripoff of Pagani ideas, and quite lazy, if Im honest. I’m certain you can do better.

Couldn’t agree more with you. The nose also has a hint of Zonda to it. As stated previously, though, it ought to be a few hundred kilos lighter to really make optimal use of its 500-odd horsepower - and there should be plenty of potential for even more grunt from that mid-mounted V12.

It wasn’t intended to look so similar but I see your angle.

Would mean throwing the fuel economy that’s left out of the window.

Lighter cars chug less fuel. Also economy isn’t as straight cut as “more power = less economy”

Can be as I’ve pushed the power far without losing economy, to get any more power I’d need a richer fuel mix and a higher cam profile.

Or, you could get a bigger engine with low boost turbochargers on low enough cam profile and get a better fuel economy figure while pushing 200-300 more horses without much of an issue.


The 1991 Revero Racing MEC, for all your sporting needs

The Revero MEC is a Mid-engined coupe, hence the name, with the aptly-named MEC-10, a 506hp Naturally-Aspirated 5.4L V10, which will propel the rear-wheel driven corrosion resistant monocoque and aluminium-bodied Grand-Touring supercar from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, and will achieve 194mph on a straight section long enough, all while blowing ice-cold air onto your face with the luxury dual-zone air conditioning, and while blaring out your favourite song from its 4-speaker sound system with an integrated tape player.
From $70,189.


6.0l is already pretty big though.

I ran a 7 liter twin turbo v8 in kee, pushing 825hp at 0.5 bar of boost, and it returned a consumption of 10l/100km at 1300kg, so, there’s never a “too big”

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The MEC-10 (the name reminds me a bit too much of the TEC-9 and all those submachine guns used by various criminals back in the 80s) definitely looks like a 90s supercar should, in the same way that the Mauricio’s exterior makes it look and feel like a true icon of the Aughts. Both of these mid-engined monsters wouldn’t look out of place in Burnout 3, though, with their giant rear wings, wide wheels and aggressive front aero. And they’re definitely all the better for it.


That’s the idea. They’re meant to be bonkers.

I’ve never heard anything about Reveros being plagued with terrible fuel economy… :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, neither have I… :wink:

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The Amuna Verista concept

Designed from the ground up with performance and comfort in mind, this is our vision for a flagship sports GT. With a turbocharged flat-plane crank version of the V8 you see in our RC901 L-Line, it is sure to not disappoint on the performance and luxury departments.
More info after the Antiyita Motor Show