Rfactor 1 Exporter

My Name is Michael Dennis. My username in the forums is micz233.The Original Rfactor was and still is an amazing game I play regularly today and is one of the few games I grew up with even though im 16. The Beamng Drive is something amazing, unique, and I truly never saw it coming. I used to stay up late and design hundreds of cars on the kee engine of automation. On the other hand, Beamng Drive Blew my mind with it’s soft-body physics back in 2013 when it was only a alpha tech demo and the only verison of the game I could find came preloaded with bootleg mods. When I got the game in 2015 it was unreal the work they put into this amazing game. Since im a car guy in general, when I was bored with the stock cars that the game provided, I modded the cars from worldofmods.com with the legit specs of the car with notepad++. The cars I fixed were 5 or at most 10 mph faster than the cars in real life even when I accounted for drivetrain loss. As you know, or now you know my laptop is a toaster when it comes to games in General. I have A Quad Core AMD A8 7410 APU 2.2 GHZ That “Turbos” to 2.5 GHZ(which is the laptop verison of the APU) With 8 gigs of Single Channel DDR3 RAM with A Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD. Keep in mind I can barely run Beam on low at 45 fps. I Could run the Kee version of automation at a constant 60 fps. The Unreal 4 version of the game is realllllly taxing on my computer for some reason in the menus on the lowest settings got almost 100 fps but when moving fixtures I only get 9 fps and thats still happening to this day. Lets get to the point. The reason Im calling for an Rfactor 1 Exporter is because that game is a legit racing sim and since the minimum specs are so low on race weekends in the game I can have almost 50 cars on the grid racing while the game is still running at 55 fps. Imagine the possibilities with people with way better hardware than me. They could probualy have hundreds of cars racing while still getting a constant 100 fps. The reason why i brought that up is that we can finally be able to race our cars in single make races against other cars While being able to push the polys up on the car to make it as detailed as you want. On top of that This game has a Vibrant Mod community and actually has more mods than ractor 2 for some reason. my litle theory is it might because the orginial game is a bit easier to run. It would help me sleep at night if you took this and made it a reality after you finish and prefect the Beamng Exporter. to my knowledge on one of the streams killrob said that the exporter cost 150,000 in developer cost and I dont expect this to cost any less. Rfactor is a less techinally demanding game than beamng drive in my opinion. The last thing I will bring up is that this Aslo might be highly profitable in the long run like the beam Exporter was since you could probually bring in more demographics since the barrier to entry is not really your specs “in rfactors case” its basically “this seems amazing let me go check this out, oh shit this is unreal I gotta recommend this to all my freinds who are casual or hardcor car guys” thats just my mindset. Hope you Consider this after beam i would be forever grateful! @Killrob

It would require partnership from the Developers of RFactor1, who have moved on to RFactor2.

I don’t see an Exporter to RF1 happening.

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Is a partnership with the ISI Rfactor 2 dev’s in the works after beamng drive then?

An exporter is a lot of work, we already have beamng, and I don’t think we’ll see another game to export our cars.

An exporter needs serious input from the targeted game’s developer, which means it needs to be in active development AND they need to set aside one or two devs for helping us. Also it needs to be a large enough game for making it worth it to us, as it is a serious time investment. How much benefit is there when we already have an exporter? Certainly not as much as going from none to one.