Rosin Calvinator Auto Corp [MORE Cars from the past just added]

Rosin Calvinator Automotive Corp
est November 2017

Companies under our belt:

  • Rosin (2002, sub division of Calvinator secretly created to replace Royal and it’s Quality Nazi Corporate Staff. Creates Vehicles for the Military and Infanstructure of the United States of Nollusia (Calvainian Repulic))
  • RosCal (2017, Brand that Replaced Royal)
  • Calvinator (1948, Performance Division of RCAC)
  • City (2017, Eco Car Group)
  • Calvinator Racing Machines, or CRM (1965, Mopar of RCAC)
  • Predator (2017, Trucks and SUVs Division)

Former Companies:

  • Royal (1921-2017, Got us restricted in our first account, lousy PR and HR. I stormed into their offices with a legal team and had them all fired) - Defunct
  • La Playa (1910-1932, Great Depression) - Defunct
  • Federal Motors (1931-1943, Government couldn’t afford being in the Auto Industry and Fight a war at the same time) - Defunct
  • CNRT (1997-2017, Redundancy) - Defunct
  • Rileeni (1953-1995, Rights issue from White Motor Corp, after we won the company in the 1972 IARO-WGP with the Model C Lauriville, in 1995 over the Falcon R) - Sold Off
  • Delorean (1981-2017, Rosin didn’t want them) - Sold Off
  • Zastava (1958-2008, now divided into Yugo and FIAT, Police Crackdown after CAC was destroyed in October this year showed that Yugo was making deals with some unsavory people, ranging from Illegal Import to Human Trafficing. Calvinator Staff tipped off the police when evidence of such actions were found. New evidence is finding that Royal Staff may have been in cahoots with Yugo) - Defunct.

Timeline of the Corporation

  • La Playa Racing Team (1910-1921)
  • Royal Motor Company (1921-1931)
  • Federal Motor Corporation (1931-1943)
  • Royal Motor Corp (1943-1982)
  • Calvinator Auto Corp (in name) (1982-2017, attempt to halt the certificate laws and end them, failed miserably)
  • Rosin Calvinator Auto Corp (2017-Today, certificate laws are now abolished in all regions as of 5/3/2018. Calvinator will resume services in Gasmea).

Now Calvinator Products are cheaper than ever.

Following Posts will have the new cars.

Calvinator Super Wagon (Gen 2 Concept 2: 2020)

Still working on the 2000 HP Car for release.

Top Speed: about 235 mph

@DeusExMackia , Can you review our Concept S Platform and our SR platform (when we have an SR available)?

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City CM01 (Gen 1 Concept 1: 2020)

Top Speed: 180 mph
Economy: 12.7 MPG in Sport Mode, 25.3 in City, and 32 MPG in HWY (concept car)

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RosCal Miara (Gen 8, Official Car, 2020)

Sorry about the multi posting, but I am limited to one photo per post.

Top Speed: 281 MPH

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With front tires that thick, how does it turn?

I like the styling of the Miara. I mean, it’s dated for a 2020 car, but it could work in a 2005 car or so and I like it.

Statwise, it’s a marked improvement compared to your previous designs. Sure, the economy does leave a lot to be desired, and the reliability is subpar for 2020, but it seems the production costs were kept in check, and while the drivability is not the best, it is not that bad.

Can I have more stats, and more info about the car and its engine?


You are making again the same errors talking about engines.

You can get a faster car with less power.

But in design, you are improving a lot!

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You are doing improvements, that’s for sure.
Give us a little more info, car and engine stats. I believe we can help you improve a little more. :wink:

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sorry about the info, guys. @goblin95 the tires are that thick because Rosin was formally part of Calvinator, so performance is key.
@Kubboz and @nomade0013 and @vmo I will continue to work on the engines, economy, drivability and reliability. The new Minivan can drive like any other car, its when it reaches speeds minivans don’t normally reach is when drivability will have issues, but we at RCAC are still improving on each of our cars.

Stroll down memory lane for Calvinator

First, from 1950, the Calvinator 2-Door:

Calvinator - 2 (21.5 KB)

It was our first entry into the IRA that was accepted. It won 1950 season with 16 of 18 races, 1951 with 13 or 18, and 1952 with 18 of 18. It won 5 races in 1953 before a rule change disqualified it. While The Miara Model C took it’s place, the 2-Door was succeeded by the Bruiser in 1968!

Speaking of which, here is the 1969 Bruiser R:


Bruiser - (26.6 KB)

This car used the whole list of V8’s that were specialized for sport or racing, including 489 ci, 456 ci, 466 Dragster, 320 Sport, and the king of them all in the 60’s, the 363 Warrior, which is what the R was equipped with by standard. In fact, the Bruiser R was the car for IARO-SCAR till the Model C Lauriville came out and was Calvinator’s very first entry into IARO-WGP. The Car had 506 BHP, with a top speed of 166 mph.

Now here is a van that outpaced it’s entire class. Behold, the first van by Calvinator, the Power Wagon:

Power Wagon - (19.7 KB)

This Van was the fastest van on the planet till 1985 when the Calvinator Miniwagon came out (But then again, we could say 1993, when the M Series Van came out cause the Miniwagon is a minivan).
This van was so fast it was actually permitted to race in IRA and IARO in the muscle car classes. It was quickly disqualified when White complained about the Power Wagon out speeding the Ryleeni Falcons (an Archanian Sports Car, or European Sports Car). It looked like a Van out speeding Ferrari Dinos. Needless to say, White handed over Rileeni not just because of the Success of the Power Wagon, but also the Lauriville wins in the 1970, 1971, and 1972 IARO WGPs.

This is the R, which was also equipped with a CV8 363 Warrior with 506 HP.


The slogan that was given tobthe Power Wagon was:
“Power Wagon; passing mustangs since 1968.”

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God has joined the server


@Sillyducky what do you mean?

Holy shit, I’ve never seen automation look that bad.

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@Fayeding_Spray My computer has a geforce 210. I am looking to build a computer with a Ryzen 2700x and 1080 Ti with 32 GB of DDR4-3200 Ram, although, it may have an 1180 Ti when I build it. Its for game dev. I can run this game on a 210, but as you can see, it is not very great. Oh, and taking photos with the in game photo taker doesn’t work on my computer, it doesn’t save them, so you are looking at paint files.

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That PC you are planning, can it run crysis?


The memes just keep on coming…

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Probably. I just want a good game dev card. I also want to play Automation at the highest resolution with no lag, what so ever.
To be honest, I may replace it to make an FPS that will blow everyone’s mind (so the goal is), but I need a threadripper 1950x or Ryzen 2800x 12 core for that, and dual SLI 1180 Ti (or 1280 or whatever they do).

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@MasterDoggo What’s this?