RPM limiter

This is more of a question/suggestion and another question.

  1. I was wondering if in a release or full game if the RPM limit will be raised from 12,000 RPM or not. Because motorcycle (i know,i know, this is cars…but still) can run @ 10,500 to even 19,000 RPM. I think it would be cool if you could create an engine like that to increase the power to weight ratio on cars to compete with motorcycles. Even Formula One Cars have a regulation of 2.4 L (146 cu in) that make 730 bhp @ 18,000 RPM! Naturally Aspirated! I think it would be cool to be able to put something like that, or of similar stature, in a production car.

  2. What options and adjustments can you make to engines in the demo that increase the RPM they run at? I can’t get an engine to run above 10,200 RPM. Can i make it higher by adjusting something?


  1. Try lower stroke values. Piston speed is the thing you have to look at. The smaller the stroke is, the slower pistons will have to move at given RPM. This allows for higher RPM in general.


I tried this, it was my first though but it gave insignificant changes, the power and torque stats would be in green but it was a very small decimal change and none in the RPM amount

  1. Formula 1 is an entirely different thing as they use air pressure actuated valves… which is VERY different from having a cam push down on things. You will not find any “normal” car engines that go beyond 12k RPM easily, as valve float kills performance. Also consider that all calculations in the game are tight to this very limit, and sounds too! So there is no way back from the 12k, it was a design decision made way back that we now got to stick to, and I think it’s a rather reasonable one.

Ahh, see i had no idea on the Formula One Engines, and i agree that that’s very reasonable, i had a hard time finding cars that go over 10,000 RPM, but one can dream, right? haha, And while i was looking around i noticed some RPM limiters on some of the higher end cars weren’t set at a hundred (8200, 8300, etc.) some were 8,250 RPM, 4,750 RPM, 7,820 RPM. And since the RPM limiter can have a sizable impact on your Engine’s MRev/Lifespan, perhaps it could be on a 10’s, 20’s, or 50’s system instead of 100’s, so that you can squeeze all the life you can out of the engine maybe? :slight_smile:

The engine designer (as in the code behind the scene) only works on in steps of 100 so setting the redline to 8210 wouldn’t help you much :wink:

The guys a Koenigsegg are developing a camless engine for their street car and Fiat’s multiair is a step in that direction with electro-hydraulic cam actuation.