Rules and Tips for Darkshine5 Challenges

OK so this is to showcase how I will do my dice roll calculations for challenges that I host. I am providing this as a backup for myself and any others who are or are considering competing in my challenges.
The Drag Racing Challenge : DRC
The Down Under Thunder Competition: DUT
The Pikes Peak Hillclimb; PPHC



Twenty dice are rolled at the same time, the total is calculated from adding the dice together to get a score out of 100 ( as 6=0 it is theoretically possible to score zero).
From this number I calculate which section of ten you are in
0-10 time is reduced by 5 seconds
11-20 time is reduced by 2 seconds
21-30 time is left standard
31-40 2 seconds added to time
41-50 5 seconds added to time
51-60 7 seconds added to time
61-70 10 seconds added to time
71-80 13 seconds added to time
81-90 15 seconds added to time
91-100 20 seconds added to time

The higher you score the more time you will have added to your total run time
(this system is used for 3 lap time trails)

The 1 dice System

6 = perfect run. time has .2 reduced from it
5 = good run nothing special. time is kept standard
4 = poor reaction time. .1 is added to time
3 = missed a gear shift. .3 is added to time
2 = missed a gear and poor reaction time. .4 is added to time
1 = horrible reaction time and missed every gear. .5 is added to time

one dice is rolled before each run for each vehicle, the number on the dice co relates to a standard set advantage or penalty. If there is an un-even number of entrants one will be selected at random to have a “Bye” and move to the next round.
This is used for the Drag Racing

1 V 1 Grudge Racing Rules

Cars are matched into pairs at random.
Each car then completes a lap of the track.
The car with the fastest lap time wins and moves on to the next round until only one car remains.
If there is an un-even number of entrants one will be selected at random to have a “Bye” and move to the next round.


These rule only apply to Diablo Raceway (DUT)
Each car runs the track
The sector 3rd time is recorded
The car with the fastest 3rd sector time is the winner


As there are a maximum of 10 entrants the scoring system works quite easy
1st place in an event is worth 10 points
2nd 9 points
3rd 8 points
4th 7 points
5th 6 points
7th 5 points
8th 4 points
9th 3 points
10th 2 points

The points are added at the end of each round until all 5 rounds are complete
The car with the highest total score is the Champion

Simple the car with the highest top speed after running the flats wins

In both the DRC and the DUT the champion of the round is given the honor of selecting the next rounds rules and regulations

(DISCLAIMER: In some circumstances I may have to modify the rule set that I receive I will do this with the permission of the Champion)


In Both the DRC and DUT the Champion of the previous round has the honour of selecting the vehicle they would pick to buy.
The winner of the champions pick is able to add/remove or change 1 regulation in the next round