Scandinavian Car and Racing AB (Scarab) Designs '65 - '17

Scarab Nova '65, the first in a series of 4 door sedans and the first car made by Scarab, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Automotive Transports AB (Scanat).

Scarab Aurora '65, first MR, first DOHC for Scarab and though of as a conceptcar at first, but the audience liked it and it got into a limited production.

Scarab Euruption '70, The first in a series of medium sized, premium, fun, cars. First envisioned to be a GT-car, it didn’t really stack up to the competition, but the younger market fell in love with the spirited car.

Scarab Cirrus GT '70, The first full production MR car (here in racing setup).

Scarab Aurora MR '75, A limited production MR car, meant for homologation of the car for the '76 BRC, but due to unexpected problems, it never entered.

Scarab Flare S '75, The thought of a smaller car had been thrown around the office for a while, and after some years of engineering the Flare were shown at a couple of motorshows and gathered intrest and gained popularity among the younger crowd.

Scarab Eruption '80, With a redesign and a new powertrain, the new car never gained the popularity of the first edition, but sold well, nonetheless. Some years later, tho, it gained a lot of popularity with the growing tuner crowds.

Scarab Cirrus S ‘85, The companys’ first real try at a supercar ended with a minor disaster. Yes, the car were fast, nice to look at, and pretty powerful and even somewhat comfortable, but lacking the prestige of name and pedigree. Most of the cars were sold, but most at a severe underprice.

Scarab Nova '85, The full sized sedan saved the company from most of the loss from the supercar disaster. Being big, comfy and still packing some cheap horses under the hood, You could pack your family and half your home and still have a good ride.

Scarab Eruption GT '90,

Scarab Aurora MR GT '90

Scarab Eruption GT3 '95

Scarab Flare RS

Scarab Eruption '00

Scarab Polaris XC (Patrol version shown) '00

Scarab Flare S '00

Scarab Nova ´10, here in V8 supercar version

Scarab Aurora '85, highly tuned w a '16 engine, made for racing

Scarab Cirrus MR2 Mk2 ´16 (Race version)

Scarab Flare RX '16 (Ralley version)

Scarab Ceres S '16

Scarab Ceres GT-R '17 (Nürnburgring Edition)

Scarab Meteor S '17

One off, Limited Editions and Racing

Scarab Orange X - Drift Spec

Scarab Halo XS - Trackday limited edition

Scarab Comet GT-P and GT-R

Scarab Solaris

Scarab SuperNova

Scarab Nouveau

Scarab Flare R-spec (~110 engineeringtime, $11700, 330 hp, 2:15.7 on ATT)

Scarab Eruption 80


Different flairs of the Flare: from -92 to -17, one of the most popular cars in Scarabs lineup.

Flare X-trail

Flare RS

Flare S

Flare S mk II


Flare RX



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I can fully understand why the Flare spawned so many variants throughout its lifespan: it was just so versatile and adaptable. Will you show us more?


Yes, but it’ll take awhile. I’m thinking about doing a more fleshed out timeline for Scarab, and show more versions of more cars.

Review: 2017 Scarab Ceres SR

“The question is: are you willing to settle for store-brand ketchup instead of Heinz?”