See mock engine when selecting configuration and drivetrain

While I am aware what longitudinal vs. transverse and 2WD vs AWD are, I would really like to ‘see them’ as I’m selecting the options when building the car, like the other options have. Perhaps at the end or during engine selection we could then see a ‘hood up’ or cut-through view of our engine in there.

So when I pick ‘Transverse Mid-Engine’, show some sort of engine in that layout, and show the driveshaft going toward the front when AWD is selected. This would be REALLY helpful for less technical crowds, and those that come for more of the aesthetic and playing aspect than the technical awesomeness that is in this game.

Also ‘tubular’ would be a nice addition to Monocoque and Ladder frame types.

As I’m not a part of the Dev team, I will let one of them address the suggestion. However, for now, After you’ve put your engine into the body, if you use the scroll bar on the right and scroll down, you should be able to see the way the engine is positioned.

Also, more chassis options will be coming, just after the Tycoon has been worked on :slight_smile:

Hi Ehryk,

That’s a pretty neat idea, I think something as simple as placing an arrow into the empty engine bay would work (and be easy to implement). A mock-up engine would probably be more difficult though.

Indeed there are spaceframes (tubular) planned for the game, they will be added eventually :slight_smile:

carbon fiber spaceframe? :astonished:

Yes, that will probably be in as a super-lategame thing, the stats for it are already determined at least :slight_smile: