Selecting Multiple Platforms/Engines

(Before making this, I searched “Multiple Select”, “Multiple Selection”, “Selecting Multiple Platforms” & “Selecting Multiple Cars”.)

So I don’t believe this has been brought up before, but knowing me I probably missed it.
When selecting cars/engines, I think there should be a feature where you can select multiple platforms/engines to delete (similar to the way you might delete multiple photos at once on your iPhone or something). Even though I have absolutely no experience with anything related to making games, this couldn’t be that hard to make, could it? I often find myself having a shitload of cars that I don’t use/are outdated and I never get round to deleting them because it takes forever.

Until/unless they make this in the game, you can always go into my documents to the automation\models or automation\engines folder and multi-select ones you want to delete through windows directly.

Very good point…

Of course this would be a good usability feature at some point, agreed. Not a top priority right now for obvious reasons :slight_smile: