Sell on Monday, Win on Sunday [Finished]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you a new challenge, the Sell on Monday, Win on Sunday contest.

After the decade that taste forgot, the nineties could only yield a change for the best. Nothing could possibly be worse than fluorescent gym clothing. However, after the economic crisis on the late eighties and early nineties, the world and the people had changed dramatically. Gone were the lavish displays of wealth, in came elegance and soberness.
Thankfully, the world of cars faired a lot better, the squared and dull look of 80s cars were starting to be replaced with more rounded, aggressive and interesting designs and new tech was becoming common place, like multi-point fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and airbags. Something that pointed to new era of efficiency and safety on the roads, or, as some like to think, the end of the pure driving experience, with cars that could no longer be fixed on the shed, but would actually need a computer to be made to work. Before the invention of the world wide web, few people had the necessity of a computer.
When it came to racing, things were also looking bleak. Cutting-edge technology in racing was being dismissed, on a move that started in 1986 with the end of Group B, continuing on Formula 1’s ban on advanced technology, such as active suspensions, traction controls and so on, trying to make the cars slower. In 1993, most touring car championships changed their old and proven Group A rules for the new SuperTouring category, meaning that the cars had very little relation to the road-cars.
You, as a purist, wanted to do something about all of this non-sense, but, as the chairman of a big corporation, you had to follow the wave and embrace all these changes and, of course, make money out of it. A tall order, considering the recent economic challenges the world faced. Together with your accountants, you decided that the best way to market your cars was via racing, obviously. But, you were cash-strapped, so first you need to make money with your mass-market car, to then be able to race them. And no fancy category either, the best you could afford was to go Group N racing.


You must make a car, which can compete in 3 vastly different challenges. For that, you are allowed to use a single model, but three different trims. The first two trims are road-going versions, one designed to be a mass seller, the other as a sporty version, almost in homologation spec. The third trim is a racing car.
The road-going variants will be subjected a comparison/consumer-simulation, using an updated version of the formulae used by conan in his UCC (link). Also, the top 3-5 cars on each category will get a review. The racers, on the other hand, will go head to head on the track, using Der Bayer’s BROBOT, which gives real-time racing with a comprehensive simulation method.
To avoid unfair competition, from racers disguised as normal cars, a few of the worst road-going cars, that don’t meet the necessities of the people, will be disqualified at each step. After all, who can race without money from the sales, right? In other words, all cars will compete on the cheapest, economy minded category, then the worst cars from this group will be disqualified from the rest of the competition. Then, the homologation specials should, too, sell well, so a few of the worst cars from this group will also be removed. These numbers of drop outs will change based on the number of entries, in a way that the number of racers will stay between 20 and 30 cars.


Also note:
[ul]All trims must be made from a single model/:m]
The road-going sports version and the racing version have to share the same engine family. Bonus points will be given to those who use only one engine family in all three trims./:m]
Steam users: only mods from this pack are allowed (link) for steam users. I only accept the mods if they are installed from the workshop, please do not add them directlyon the camso folder./:m]
Standalone users, due to the difference between the folder structure in the mods,only allow vanilla content is allowed./:m]
***No negative quality on the transmission, due to bugs.
EDIT: The aesthetic judgement will only happen for the cars that are reviewed[/ul]

Comparison criteria

Both the eco and the sporty versions will be measured and compared across all of their capabilities, with the main relevant stats and their weight listed as follows. Also, design will play a role, the criteria to judge it will be year adequacy, balance and beauty. This will have a minor role on the score, but could influence the final, more subjective, review one way or another.

The Top 3-5 cars will get a written comparison review, done by me. And the 8-10 worst economy cars will be dropped of the competition, as will the worst 4-6 sporty cars.

The races will be ran using Der Bayer’s brobot, complete with pre-season testing, qualifying and the actual race. The season have 4 races, on 4 different track that will be revealed when it’s deemed appropriate by me.

There will be a ranking of the cars, in each method of comparison. For the overall win, the car with the most number of points on average wins the title of best car of 1993 and gets a special long-form text. The points in each section will be awarded as follows: 1st place gets 50 points, 2nd gets 45, 3rd gets 42, 4th 40 and so on. The car with the most points in total is the overall winner.

Submission Format

Please follow this format to name your cars and engines:
[ul]]odel: Somwom-(Username)-(anything)/:m]
Eco trim: Eco-(Anything)/:m]
Hot trim: Sport-(Anything)/:m]
Racing trim: Racing-(Anything)/:m]
Engine family(ies): (username)-Engine-(Anything) – Please add a 2 in your second family, if necessary. Example: Leo9613-Engine2/:m]
Eco variant: Eco-(Anything)/:m]
Hot variant: Sport-(Anything)/:m]
Racing variant: Racing-(Anything)/:m][/ul]


On the PM, you must add your username, nationality and model and trim names (ex: Baltazar Quark BS and RS). Also, if you wish, you can write a small text, talking about your ideas for the car or something that you think is relevant and that could help me writing the review. Also, if you use the standalone version, please make that clear on the PM.

Cars that don’t comply with the rules, have some sort of mod-placement related issue will be allowed only one revision.
A few people have experienced a bug with the export function. To avoid that, please, double-check the exported files, to see if all trims are on the zip.

Important note, after the pre-season testing it will be possible to send a revision to the racing car.

TL, DR: One chassis, three trims. Be sensible and have fun!

Approved entries

Lordred - LHE Astonish
Strop - Armada Fore mk.2
Packbat - PAW Murina
VicVictory - Suzume Shizuka
Chipskate - Toyoko Sirius
Riso - Riso Motors SHX
Der Bayer - BAM 1300S
NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zap!
8bs - FMC Ct
RoyalStig - Griffin Chwareon Bach
Trackpaduser - NMC Lynx
HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Kitten
Chiwie - TM Impressive
Absurdist - Mk6
Titleguy1 - Rennen Caelum
NiuYorqCiti - Ponni Citadel
HellBoyBG - XELiX Buzzer
conan - Mitsushita Hamamatsu Station
Razyx - ManHell Route
gooles - Motasan Starling
torts - Coco Automobili H5
WoarLord - VA Cityrunner
DoctorNarfy - Shromet N-Joy
Tycondero - Astana Robin
Pyrlix - BANhammer N!mbox
NoahC - Yinser DasCar
pHanta - CAA Nebulon

Refused cars

Wargames - SA Buttcave (too many bugs)
harizvet1 - Infinity QS20 (repeated use of unaccepted mods)
Nolli - Nolden Terpeno IV/II (mods not correctly installed)
Iouras (lua error)
earincon198 (didn’t use the file exporter)


Eco Review and Results
Pre-season test
Sport Results
Final Results

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Ohh, starting work now.

This will be fun…

there is no mention of quality available or allowed for the tires, this can have a huge impact on the racing vehicle, is it intended to have there be no limit on tire quality if one wanted to fill their cost gap with that?

this is brobot, so i suppose it’s 0

Leo will have to confirm but to quote strop’s guide:

The golden rule is: If the rule is not written, it does not exist, and any entry that doesn’t violate a written rule is legal. If you don’t like an entry, but it’s technically legal, well, you should have thought of the rule in the first place, and the only (sometimes) acceptable way to work around this is to announce that you are adjusting the rules, and allow users that no longer qualify an extended period in which to revise their entries. It’s always a pain in the ass, so try not to resort to this.[/quote]

And from what I remember of the small tests he did, he said tire quality was indeed allowed. Anyway with the budget, its not like you can go mad on the sliders, and putting that money in the valve train for example might make your car better than putting that money on the tires.

Also, just a quick tip as I don’t know if that bug is fixed in the public release. There is/was a minor issue when creating a new engine variant, where the displacement of the new variant ended up being the default displacement for the engine layout (ex: 2L for I4s).

Just make sure to recheck your displacement, and if it is borked, go in the second tab of the engine designer, and click the up arrow on both of the sliders that adjust the displacement of that specific engine variant.

Trackpad is absolutely correct there. Also, I’m fully aware of that guideline, I even helped in writing it :stuck_out_tongue:.
Tyre quality is free game. It might be a bad decision from my part, but it’s one I have done consciously. The only limit regarding the tyres is the width.

Ooh okay, I take it you know how tyre quality is calibrated in BROBOT then? I do like not restricting tyre quality because honestly, it’s very much part of the choice of manufacturers (and customers).

Actually, I don’t really know how BROBOT works, the only one who knows is Der Bayer. But from my talks with him, there was no issue with tyre quality not being simulated, because the grip values are on the lua files, so it is fine.

I do prefer free rules too, most of the ones I used were based on FIA’s homologation rules, for groups A and N, and trying to avoid obvious short-cuts that could take advantage of the lack of tooling and engineering costs.

Hmm … before I start building: is there any advantage to making the car much cheaper than the maximum costs in the Eco or Sport trims?

There are some advantages, yes, as price still is a factor, but it isn’t big. Probably a better idea would be to spend the money on the car itself.

Probably but not necessarily - got it. I’ll try not to submit anything under $4000. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tyre quality may be used. I only lock it in my competitions for balancing.

Great challenge. Count me in.
The Znopresk Zap! MY1993 is going to be there.

But… I have a question…

Oh, ok… thanks anyway :frowning:

LHE presents the 1993 Astonish.

Designed using LHEs quite venerable X4 Modular family, which features a displacement range of 1669cc to 1893cc due to its interchangeable cylinder bank. The Astonish is the companys first true attempt to market a FWD vehicle. The vehicle was designed to be easy to drive and offer better then normal fuel economy, follow LHEs directive of a vehicle which is easy to afford and very reliable and able to serve multiple functions.

The Astonish has two primary trims, the Base model which is equiped with the X4-M93-E76.2-P motor which is geared more for economy and reliability, featuring LHEs in house designed single port injection system the engine is tuned to run on Stoichiometric air-fuel ratios (14.7:1) aiding in fuel economy.

The second trim level is a sportier version given the designation Astonish X4PE (X4 Series Performance Engine) which uses the largest displacement range of the engine family, the X4-M93-P81.2-P featuring a ported cylinder head with larger combustion chambers to un-shroud the larger valves, stronger valve springs, and forged internals. The result is a 30% increase in HP over an additional 1000rpm while maintaining similar economic numbers.

A Race trim was announced but specifications are currently being kept quiet for the upcoming racing season.

Economy version.

Sport version.

Race version.

[quote=“NormanVauxhall”]But… I have a question…

I laughed so hard. I bet Roland loved that one.

EDIT: also

I’ve switched to the public build for the time being, and can confirm that the displacement bug still appears to be there.

In addition, I’m not sure why, but the message about multiple trims in the chassis tab appears to have gone missing for me!

Strop, that message still appears for me, especially in imported cars.

Also, important note, the export function seems to have some bugs. For example, on conan’s entry, everything was in the correct place, except for the engine for his eco version. So please be aware of that and, if possible, double check that all the files are present on the .zip.

Alright folks, this is it.
Riso Motors presents: The SHX*.

Here you can see the ECO version in a beautiful shade of blue.

*this is in no way an abbreviation for Shitbox as Leo called the prototype.

Assuming it passes scrutineering, Packbat Auto Works is proud to present the newly reborn 1993 Murina FC (Fairly Cheap):

For less cost-conscious customers, we also offer the turbocharged NE (Not Expensive) trim for your hooning pleasure.

Sorry buddy… you’re not going to get a crack at beating Ardent this time around.


You’ll have to settle for spanking Suzume. :laughing:

Suzume Motor Manufacturing Industries presents an economy car for the frugal-minded and foot-lazy. The Shizuka G comes standard with the Reisei-series RB4-C motor, one of the larger ones produced by Suzume at 1697cc. Complicated and expensive electronics are eschewed where possible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your favorite radio station on the way to work! Rejoice, for an AM/FM/Cassette deck with memory and scan functions also comes standard!

For those who want a quickening in their pulse, spring for the Shizuka G-Limited. Special sport suspension treatments and a Sanma-series SS6-B 2.0 liter motor (mated to a 5-speed manual, for enjoyment) make driving a thrill*. The G-Limited is as close to Suzume’s race cars as you can legally buy!

(*Translation was not clear, could also have been “nightmare”)