Sell your company + other stuff

So my idea is that while this is all about making cars why couldnt you sell your company and start a new one whit the money you have made from your previous one. I mean that you would be more of a character that starts car manufactors or you can stick whit the one you made from the very beginning. You would have the option to deside if you want a monthly pay check + a bonus if you do well. As it is your own company you could also withdrawl cash :slight_smile:

Now when you have personal money you gotta be able to spend it so why not be able to do something with your hard erned cash like some examples

Buy a house there would be many different houses each one differented in price you could buy a urban house for 100k or a luxury mansion in monaco for 100m

If you like boats you could buy a super yatch for 200m

And for the obvious cars :wink: you could buy them from other companies or your own :slight_smile:

I think this would give the game a “bonus” or some more depth and you would feel more like you have done a good job if you can spend the money you make

And dont know alot about programing but i dont think that it would be that much of a hassle becouse it would only be text and maybe some pictures…

But thats just my suggestion maybe its not that a big deal but would defenetly bring more value to the game, atleast to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for reading and any opinions on this is much apprisiated

Ps. Sorry for my poor english :smiley:

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No, just no. This would add no depth to the game.

Would make the game a bit more business oriented and more awarding when you do good things dont see why this would be a bad thing…?

EDIT: And also would make more persons intrested, you gotta add something of eveything to broad the player range.

You know, most of this game players are people who come here for the engine/car designing part. Or for the tycoon part. They don’t care at all about buying mansions or whatever. While this may give some sort of satisfaction (you know, from your success), most people here wait for this game to see that their dream COMPANY, with their dream CARS will leave a mark on history, not that their CHARACTER will have a dream life. Your feature is thus a waste of time.

EDIT.:We already have a quite large niche of car maniacs, who create their crazy V8 powerplants and hope to put them in TVR bodies, who want to create their own dream cars with huge degree of freedom, who want to show how a good car company should look like. Making the game like for broader player range is simply innefective as you still would have to like cars to enjoy this game. And if you like cars, then you don’t NEED a reward like that to enjoy this game, as I explained above.

Well we seem to think differently but thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

Your request has been DENIED! that is what Kubboz is saying to you Hillybilly

Juno, that was rude, please don’t do that anymore.


While some things you mention would indeed make for interesting aspects and make the game broader, hillybilly, the “broader” is not necessarily a good thing. The more focused your gameplay, the more in-depth you can make game mechanics. If you make a broader game (assuming that the same amount of time is put into its development), it needs to be shallower as a consequence - and that is something we would not accept for Automation.

i like that idea, it´s directly something like the ¨private life¨ component of FIFA Manager game.

It could have an ¨Stock exchange¨ part like ¨Capitalism 2¨ game too, where you can buy/sell stocks of your/other companies, and they make the same with yours… you always have to take a look to it and can you give some money for your company… or not (depending sales).
it can have an investment component too, to invest that money and grow it.

I know many people are here for engines and car design, i´m one of them, like you.
Many other are here because they like ¨tycoon¨ game, i´m one of them too…
isn´t it the final idea of the game? only make CARS? or create your own COMPANY??
then… why not?? you only want to make cars?? and only sell them?

At the beggining of our company, we also could sell some 5% of stock of our company for take the money and can make better cars.

and what will you make when you have 100000 billion dollars?? (it´s only an example :mrgreen: )
at that moment is when you can take X% of other company for take part of their benefits… or merge it in your company… or invest a part of your cash for just in case your next car isn´t a sold star… or to create line of clothes of your company as merchandising.
Or you can buy your dreamed house, plane or boat! why not! it´s an idea!

they are ideas, and for make a good, complete and enjoining game, have to listen many ideas for look for the best of them. :wink:

Okay no problem, was just giving my 2 cents of what I think that would give a “bonus” to the game, certainly a thing other devlopers have never really done as far as i can remember, but maybe it is becouse its a sucky idea :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Thanks urtz, im exactly like you! I like the tycoon experience and the car designer and whole company managment. But maybe we will see the best of both worlds in Automation 2 :wink:

EDIT2: I remember playing CarBiz Megacorp awhile ago and it became boring and repetive becouse you made a car, sold it, checkt how much people were buying, setting you production pace and then doing the whole thing again but only with a new engine or something similar… :confused:


EDIT2: I remember playing CarBiz Megacorp awhile ago and it became boring and repetive becouse you made a car, sold it, checkt how much people were buying, setting you production pace and then doing the whole thing again but only with a new engine or something similar… :/[/quote]

That´s the problem of tycoon games… they became repetitives and borings… that´s why i said that.

The interesting isn´t make a game, that is make a good, enjoying, complete and ¨different¨ than others games.
This one of that games that can make the difference with the engine and car designer… why not with the tycoon component?

if you make a good game, but it becomes boring when you only can to make cars after doing cars… it will lose his captivation.

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Eh WHAAAAT… :open_mouth: okay you have LOST ME entirely…

:open_mouth: ??

what?? :unamused:

Only I have said that if one neglects the component ¨tycoon ¨ of the game it might turn out to be a bit boring and repetitive, alone you might do cars after doing cars.

it’s an Automation meme for suggestions that are a bit… too far out there :wink:

See this for reference:

I dont get why everyone is saying that its too far out there, this is a business simulation/tycoon also for what i have understanded?

Rob, i don´t understand what do you want to compare with that other suggestion, i think that other is totally innecesary and unrealistic.

It could be more easy and realistic try to implement some of our suggestions in a tycoon game than mount ¨speaker system¨ to the cars… and, of course, try to drive our cars at RFactor.
Yes, if you are sucesful… At this point i think:
¨Do you want to make a business game? or a driving simulation game?¨

They are totally different games. And sincerely, I prefer a tycoon game, to drive already I have Forza and GT5. And yes, I know it, I have not created those cars, but I think that the result would not be so good either.

But, you are the devs… you can choose what do you want to make. But I am afraid that you do not give him the importance that deserves to the economic component of the game. :cry:
To create engines and cars is only a part of the game.

I would hardly say that we are neglecting the tycoon side of the game, just because we aren’t going to simulate the CEO buying a mansion, a feature that has almost nothing to do with running a company or designing cars, provides no interesting game play choices, has no impact on your company as a whole, and provides little reward other than a picture of a house… I can see no way that implimenting this feature is a good use of our time compared to all the other company management features we want.

However I am 99% sure that there will be a stock market, as mergers/stakes/buyouts etc. are a huge part of the car industry. Just not personal funds for the CEO themselves as I really can’t think of many examples of times when a CEO’s personal money have made any difference to much business wise.

I know you guys want to do crazy things like starting clothing lines and buying yachts, but we’re already making a massively complex game as it is, and compared to how much work it is for us to impliment it all, none of these features make a meaningful gameplay impact.

I’m sorry, but we have to focus on the most important part of the game which is corporate business managment, and automotive engineering. If you want to play a general simulation of being a rich person I think you’re expecting something different to what we’re making.