Several ideas

Some (if not all) of these are repeated. Feel free to point out which ones.

-Flathead engines (probably already mentioned)
-Diesel (??)
-Curved spoilers to match some body curvatures
-A visualization of suspension components moving
-Visualization of camber, ride height, etc. (if that’s not in there already)
-More engine types (I know it’s in the works, I’m just dying to see some more content)
-Vents that work on the backs of cars (for mid engine setups mostly)
-Electric motors? Different battery technologies? Kind of dulls down the point of the game…
-On that note, car batteries? (Dunno how that would change things)
-Quad turbos for bigger engines (V12, V/W16, etc)
-“Subfeatures” for interiors; leather seats, infotainment features, etc.

This post is just me rattling off ideas that I’ve had playing the game.

Here are some of my ideas:


Here are all the answers you need:

And my by now favorite link:

Favorite? I’d have thought sharing that link so many times would’ve made you hate it. Have you got a hotkey assigned to it yet? :laughing: