Sharing engine between models

Hello to everyone,
i’m playing with lite campaign for hours hours and the first question that I was reminded is:
Why I cannot reuse one of the developed engine for previous car with the new one?

During the game-play I had often the need to develop a car and after some years the need to upgrade it ( e.g. emission tax, lead fuel banned, safety improvements and so on… ) but the only way was to develop a new model from the scratch.
In my opinion it would be useful the ability to revamp the current models and/or engines in order to fit the market requirements in a better way…

Thank you for the attention
Any comment would be appreciated

That will come in the full campaign. Being “light”, this is just a taste of some of the stuff we will be able to do. A few people have asked this, and I am waiting patiently for the day it’s available


Yep, that’s how it’ll work in the final game for sure, it’s just technically difficult in the current version.