Short Steel Headers

How about possibly adding Short Steel Headers? These would go between the Short Cast Headers and the Tubular Headers. They would provide the weight savings of the Tubular Headers, but no performance benefit over the Short Cast Headers. Basically, the Short Steel Headers would be exactly the same size and shape as the Short Cast Headers, just made out of steel instead of iron.

I like the idea, but nah, I’m already going insane with the number of headers I need to make, for example V8s need the 5 types, plus they need different headers for DOHC (the heads are wider) plus flatplane ones need a different pairing of cylinders, plus you need transverse and longitudinal ones. So the V8s already need 40 different headers :laughing:

Yikes! That’s a lot!

I was hoping you could just use the existing Short Cast Header model and throw the texture for the Tubular Header over it. :smiley: Guess it’s not that easy. :frowning:

I probably could actually, but nah, I think we’ve got enough to manage :stuck_out_tongue:

The added gameplay value would be minimal for quite a bit of extra work. I don’t see why we’d need more than the existing option… which are a pain in Daffy’s butt already. xD

Maybe if headers are a pain in my butt I’m attaching them wrong? :laughing:

But yes, no more! :stuck_out_tongue: