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Shortcut for fixture browsing

Since the introduction of 3D fixtures, I have noticed that sometimes it can be very tricky to grab a fixture with the mouse, especially if it is small and placed in an awkward position.

My suggestion is simple, a keyboard shortcut that allows you to jump between fixtures instead of having to select the individual fixture on screen with the mouse.

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You actually can jump between fixtures with the < and the > key.

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Oh, thanks for the info. Then it was already implemented, thanks a lot.

Yeah, it’s quite old I think. The issue is then informing the players about its existence - I think the game could benefit in general from some first time tips.

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I’ve been wondering about this as well for the same reason, but when I push the left, right, up and down arrow keys the fixture moves incrementally…which is cool all in itself.

Is there a setting that I didnt click?

I am using a laptop with no mouse if that helps.

Not the arrow keys, but those symbols :smiley: Those keys with , and . on them below.


Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU!!!

I knew this game HAD to have that function SOMEWHERE :face_with_monocle::joy: