Showcase mode!

When you get to car designer, you could get one low priority feature. Showcase mode, designed specifically for making awesome shots and videos of cars. Cars would be placed on clean backdrop (with backdrops color selected by player), suitable for making nice screenshots, resembling manufacturers’ official photos. You could also introduce (Pyrlix’ idea) the ability to turn the room lights off, switch the car lights on, and rev the engine. Imagine the nice trailer video you could make with that feature…

Both of these things, the Showcase Mode and the Stuff I posted (lets call it Try Out) can be combined to make a real showoff like Car company do it.
A complete catalog with a video from the car :smiley:

I see some Top Gear camera style advertisements on the horizon.

on the other side you can show how well built and hard wearing your new car/truck is by entering it to rallys.
there is nothing like a few off road rally trophys to sell your new farm truck.

Well funkmachine, the showcase mode is not a “put car on racetrack”-mode, its supposed to be uhm… a showcase like Kubboz described it :wink:

It would be a cool idea to see the Top Gear Test Track with their tame racing driver, called the Stig.