[SIDE QUEST AUTOBEAM] Dew Running, The origins of the CCC

“Dispatch, I’m in hot pursuit with a garden shed smuggling Mountain Dew across state lines. Send backup!”
“Mike, come in for your psych eval now.”


submissions closed! challenge should be later today


Waiting on brad, everything has been prepared just like last time. You guys looking forward to it?

(Tell me if im missing a car)


Brad will start a bit later due to the weather (its hard to breathe), so i guess its a delay for now.

EDIT: With how its currently going its looking like it might be unlikely for me to announce when round 1 starts, so please keep an eye out if i cant say anything!


Today was styling, later today should be the first round on track! Stay tuned

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Round 1 over! Next one coming soon, sorry for all the changes of stuff due to conditions!


Btw, i have news! It looks like there is a chance that this wont be the last brad challenge, so i’ll update everyone on it whenever i get more info. Also, if you have any ideas for any challenges tell me! I need some


Not sure how to take this news, but i see it as good news. People do move on after all.

I’ll be looking for someone to pass the torch to, so if you would like to help me with the challenges and drive the cars, im happy to accept!


Btw, this most likely also means that this challenge is temporarily or permanently postponed. If i find anyone in a adequate time period it’ll continue, or i’ll just drive the cars.


Hello everyone, sorry for the late announcement but the rest of the Dew Running challenge has been cancelled. The results of the round we did do will be posted soon though.
1: The leaving of brad.
2: No access to Beamng Files due to my laptop breaking.
3: Automation engine update making it a bad idea to re-export the cars (I still have some access to the .car files)
Sorry about everything, but i had no choice.
Results soon (i hope)

Congrats to Johann for winning! I wish the challenge could have gone more.