|SIDE QUEST| CCC 2 - Battle for the Dollar |AutoCorsa|

Ok, give me an idea or some sponsor(s) you want. I can do cyberpunk, definetely.

I’ll start working on it. Black yellow right?

That or the neon blue / red that makes up most of the game’s front end. But you can get pretty creative, the game has everything on the gamut. Cyberware lines, sharp edges, wild shapes, etc.

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Hmm, i see that they added “Ignition timing”. I’ll say to keep it at default (0), since the rules were not designed around it. That sound ok?

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I was racking my brain to determine if that was new-new, or just last update and I missed it. This game gets complicated fast!

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Thing is, it just replaced something that already existed. Im pretty sure its just a name change.

We lost ignition timing a few updates ago, and now its back in this new form. Seems OK so far to just leave it zero. There’s power left on the table but at least we’re all on equal footing.


Cyberpunk 2077


Current entries + corrections. I remember the days when we got 7 entries in a week. Look at us now, 20 in 2 days!
Really, i cant express how much you guys mean to me. Perfect distraction to excruciating pain.


Dude im wayyyy too high. Where did that 7 come from? Gonna sleep. Good luck everyone, really love everyone!

Another day another… Idk what to put there. Anyways, looking forward to today.

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Anyone want some custom liveries? I love making them, so if you want one just tell me.

If you want to make a Pizza Hut or Domino’s livery, that would be nice. Goes with the little back story I have planned

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Will do. Which would you prefer, or would you like a fake company?

Whichever you think will come out better (or easier), a fake company is too much for my imagination right now

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Why not Papa Juan’s?

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Hmmm. Papa Juan. Father Juan. Is Juan our father?

TMC (For Tofik/Vampire82)

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Current lineup

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Dominos (Erenwithpizza)

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