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Chad Touring Cup

It's 2007. Meet Stig.
Stig has received the task of a special section in a car show about the new motorsport class, the Chad Touring Cup.
Similar to rival series GT4, the cars here are quite similar to sports cars with some race car parts attached to them. Difference is, CTC is less professional. Much, much less professional.
Since no one knows anything here, Stig has to show which cars are fastest so people like xxXjimsterI-Racing69420Xxx don't end up buying a pink jeep and then expect to beat f1 level machinery.
Stig quickly gets all the cars available delivered by all the manufacturers, but he didn't anticipate that half of them are just cars built in a random guy's garage which looks like it will collapse at any collision.
So which car will Stig recommend?
Welcome to the Chad Touring Cup!
For this challenge, you will be making cars similar to real life GT4.
The rules are very open, so know that you don't have to make something similar. At all. You don't even need to build a race car!

Essentially, just build a "race" car. It doesn't even have to be race-worthy, or even close to it. Remember that anything not in the rules is allowed, so go wild!

Anyways, i don't have much to say, lets get to the rules. Inspirations are placed at the bottom of the post!

Rule 1: The year of all parts of the car must be 2007 or earlier.

Rule 2: The Techpool must be kept at default, aka +5 everywhere.

Rule 3: The car must have at least 2 doors according to Automation.

Rule 4: The maximum price is 30000.
To stop you from screwing around with quality too much, the minimum is -5 and maximum is +5.

Rule 5: Maximum engine size is determined by wheelbase. First, convert your wheelbase from Meter to CC (2.47m = 2.47L/2470cc). If no turbo is used, an extra 1000cc/1L is added to the max. This maxes out at 6L to stop buses from having 500000L engines.
Example: 2.32m = 2.32L + 1L (if no turbo) = 3.32L Max. Note that you don't have to use all of it.

Rule 6: Internal stress of the engine can't be over 10% (Piston, crank, conrod).

Rule 7: The engine must have a catalytic converter.

Rule 8: If a turbo is used, the maximum boost is 8.7 PSI.

Rule 9: The engine must use 100 RON Ultimate Unleaded fuel.

Rule 10: The ignition timing must be set to 0.0. It is screwy and I don't like it.

Rule 11: The maximum noise of the engine is 75.

Rule 12: AWD and 4x4 are banned.

Rule 13: The car must have at least Standard 00s Safety.

Rule 14: The car must have TC and ABS.

Rule 15: The car must have at least 1 full seat, and a "Sport" interior type.

Rule 16: Advanced trim settings are banned, besides Engine Position, Chassis Tunnel Size, Sound Adjustments, and the visibility settings.

Rule 17: A maximum of 3 aero fixtures is allowed. (Aero fixtures are fixtures in the Wing, Spoiler, and Lip sections. Otherwise known as, anything that adds downforce.) Make sure to make all of them visible.

Rule 18: The naming scheme for the model of the car is first the letters CTC, then your username. (CTC - Djadania)
Anything after this is allowed, just make sure to put CTC and your username in the front! I will do it for you otherwise. So for example: CTC - Djadania - Ford Mustang. Put your car name in the trim name, if possible.

If you want some specific exception to a rule, tell me and I'll consider giving it to you.

2 cars per person allowed!

Special Order

Wanted to try something new, so here we go. Here’s how it works.
The first person to enter a car that meets these specifications, gets an automatic 10 on styling.
Moroza was the first to submit the Special Order, so they get the automatic 10!
All the previous rules apply, unless said otherwise.
Anyways, here are the rules.

SRule1: The car must be a hatchback according to automation.

SRule 2: The car must be mid-engined.

SRule 3: The car must have a V10.


NOTE: I will rate cars that look 90s and 10s equally well as cars that look 2007! If you don't want to design something that looks 2007, you can expect a similar rating if you keep it in these eras.

Liveries for the cars are not required, but i may give a bonus point if the livery looks good.

Stig won't be testing these cars offroad, until he spins into a gravel trap.

Stig will be testing the cars on mainly Medium-Speed, so keep that in mind when tuning.

Stig likes the inspirations at the bottom of the post, go for something unique though.


I will be judging the cars with a mix of performance and styling. Nothing else.

The deadline for this challenge is the 25th of August 2023.
After that, we will see when the first video comes out. I would hope the 27th. Note that my Laptop has been having issues.

You can send your car(s) in any way, though I prefer either the forum or our Discord. Just make sure to send it before the deadline! (Note that if your car has a V16 that you will need to send me a BeamNG exported file with screenshots of the stats!)

You can watch the videos on my channel, Djadania.
I will attempt to give some commentary and advice on the cars, so if you want that stuff, come over there.
You can join our Discord here. Not necessary, but if you would like to discuss stuff quickly, this is the place.


Looking up “GT4 Racing” will do the job too.

Ginetta G55 GT4

Lotus Evora GT4

Callaway Chevrolet Corvette C6 GT4

Donkervoort D8 GT4 (i think)

Volvo 850 BTCC

Peugeot 806 Super Touring

Lada 110 WTCC

Red Bull RB19

-Team L.O.O.G.I (Loosely Organized, Overblown and Generally Insane)

So if turbo’d its just the wheelbase length in meters converted to CC?

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Yes, exactly.


To that, I might add one additional condition: floating fixtures are not allowed.

Also, with the catalytic converter mandate, those items should be of the 3-way variety (either normal or high-flow).

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Banning floating fixtures would ban 3d fixture cars, so no. Seems unnecessary.
I prefer just keeping the catalytic converters open, im pretty sure racing series don’t even force catalytic converters in the first place. If you wanna go fast you might as well just do 3 way or high flow 3 way.


Oops, sorry guys, i forgot a rule. I’ll be adding it right away, luckily i havent received any entries yet. TC and ABS are required, as i don’t want to die and almost every GT4 car has it, if not every. I will put it off if i know that the car doesn’t need it.

If the Advanced Trim is used to make rims on cars not look funky or unrealistic without changing the size of the overall tire, is that considered legal?


I prefer if you don’t since i dont know if the Jbeam changes in any way from it, but its not meant to be overly competitive, so if you ask its fine.

Does 8.7 psi translate to 0.6 bar or 0.55?

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Depends. Does automation do exactly 0.6 Bar? If so, that’s what it should be.

Automation does 0.6 but google says 0.5998 so I just wanted to make sure

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Yeah, thats probably what it should be then. 0.6.

DCMW Firebreather. Does what it says.


This is the first Special Order (and entry), so this car gets the 10! Of course, if you had a special order in the works, you can still submit it fine.


What kind of gearbox does a GT4 usually have is manual fine

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To be honest… Idk. Manual, Auto Manual and Dual Clutch all are reasonable.

What happens when you get an old, classic mid engine rally car and meticulously resto it to it’s former glory?

…yeah, I don’t know either. I just got this heap.

The bumpers and bonnet were either bought of some sketchy site, or made for a 30 year newer model made on the other side of the world, I don’t know. But hey, at least it has a crazy twin turbo engine



I’m building a brand new race car! I’ve already done some testing at Hirochi Raceway and it’s super agile :slight_smile: You best be prepared!

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Looking forward to it!

The Firebreather wants a duel. “This town ain’t big enough for both our wide asses.”