Sillyworld's gameplays -- Half-life, full of action chapter

Hello people, I’ve been meaning to do a series of youtube gameplays of some of my favourite games, and I just recorded a few episodes of different games, here is the first episode of OBVIOUSLY automation, our favourite game :stuck_out_tongue:

Any feedback or comment is going to be helpful.
Right now, I just barely knowing how to edit video and stuff, so it might look awful at times, but I hope once I gain experience the quality just gets better. Also, I have no dedicated mic, so I used my phone.

Without any further ado, here it is:


as the comment you get already.

sound priority:

  1. you talking. which was the main entertainment point in the first place, since we can play it ourselves otherwise. (also to compensate of you talking loudly in one place, and not loud enough in other, use audio normalization, or such feature)

  2. Sound Effects should be audible enough, but needs to strike the balance, to NEVER over power the sound of you talking, but if the sound effect is loud enough, should be allowed to over power the background music

  3. BGM. make it barely audible, and a bit more. except the part where you designed the aesthetics of the car. that was perfect. no other important sound, just the music, at least.

other than that. you’re off to a GREAT start, compared to me :joy:

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I’ll improve the audio… except for the last episode which was already recorded lol but it sounds better.
I Also must work on my way of speaking, the audio wave looks loud at the beggining but as the video extends I speak quiter and quiter…

same. i still have that problem too… especially when you’re recording when you’re tired, or just not in the mood.

though if you want to continue it. i also suggest a routine upload schedule. that way you kinda make a commitment, and it won’t feel as hard / heavy (doesn’t feel like a chore) about 10 episodes down the series.

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Second episode here:

I don’t plan to upload a daily video, roughly 3 or 4 per week (one or two of them Automation). I recorded and edited that episode almost right after the last one, so the audio should be a little bit better, but still I’m rather not quite audible.


Sorry for double post, but here is a new video. This time, I’m playing a good old favourite game, GT2 (with a new sound approach)


Mind if I ask how you record this? I’d love to record some GT4!

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I use an emulator for ps1 and obs :slight_smile: (but a previous version, because I don’t know how to set-up the latest one).

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Ah damn, so the only way is to have some annoying device that cuts into the PS2’s output signal and burns it to a CD, causing a lag in the video on the screen.

GT2 the greatest racing game for ps1.

Which emulator do you use? (just curious)
I also use obs for my recordings, and I do use the old version (not the new obs studio)

@ramthecowy You could also use a real ps1/2 and just use a capture card on ur pc to read what the tv is displaying.


@findRED19 I use ePSXe200. It took a lot of effort to get it to run smoothly on my computer, and even so there are constant graphic or audio glitches.

@ramthecowy yup, a capture card should do the trick. There are some kinda cheap options if you don’t mind the quality or the lack of options

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You went and did what i almost did.

Should’ve said aomething. I already got everything prepared, and gt2 already running as close to perfection as possible

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Well, you still can do it :slight_smile:

For reference, future games I have planned for playing:

  • Half life/portal universe
  • Crash Team Racing ps1
  • Sims 3 & simcity 4
  • Euro truck simulator 2 (and probably American truck simulator)

I would do ETS2 too (:wink:) but it’s boring AF for anyone that’s not driving really

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yes. and i’d get bored after about 20 hours of playing.

@Sillyworld i’d recommend getting yourself comfortable first before starting another series honestly. getting 2 up at the same time when you’re just starting… i dunno how hard that is, but even just 1 series is hard enough for me at times.

especially for CTR. you’d want to be comfortable enough to let out your emotions and scream furiously :smile: because where the entertainment lies. reaction.

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Oh no, I don’t mean to do them all at once! As this moment I’ll do GT2, automation and Half life 1. Once I reach a milestone on those games (as to obtain all licencies or passing the whole game or something) I’ll move to other one :slight_smile:[quote=“ramthecowy, post:14, topic:19667”]
but it’s boring AF for anyone that’s not driving really

You’ll be surprised how popular long gameplays for ETS2 are on my country. That and singleplayer of Farming simulaltor, 2 of the more boring games to watch apparently

well i guess you gotta try to go at your own pace. and it seems mine is quite a bit slower. can always pick up when possible in the future

Okay I retract my statement, only for Mexico then :joy:

I do a small amount of editing, which I find can be more time and energy consuming, maybe is that… but I’ll see, perhaps it gets harder as time goes by.

You have no idea, I mean, on theory is boring, but I swear, there is something that make those gameplays really enjoyble (although to be fair, we even have a youtuber playing old snes games as Nappa from DBZ and it is incredible hilarious, although it seems like a bad idea). I guess it all boils down to the personality and charisma of the player :slight_smile:

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Bingo, and of course exposure/advertising or getting the word out that they’re making videos.

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