Simbin engine use?

i just had a brilliant idea - devs, please try to get in touch with SimBin, the developers behind RaceOn and RaceRoom etc. maybe you can figure out something to use their race game engine for Automation and making our designed cars to actually drive around

Hmm, did anyone want to see Automation finished before 2020?

Errr… I think we’d need to give them a LOT of money, and then spend years of work integrating Automation with their engine, so, not likely :stuck_out_tongue:

and what about exporting stuff to fit the thing?

We’re going to look at possibly an exporter for rFactor 2, but thats a long way off, we’ve got to finish the core game first!

rFactor2 would be awesome, I could do some betatesting there. :slight_smile:

I’m participating in a rF/rF2 fun-racing-community ( and there are some quite talented modders around there who could help implementing some stuff into rF2. Maybe we can talk about that, when Automation is done.