Similar to Turbo Chart

Just want to start off by saying the Turbo-boost chart is so helpful for me when I am tuning an engine. Thanks so much!
I was hoping to suggest similar charts for other parts of the designer. I think it would be particularly helpful for the aero (down-force vs. speed) and spring/damping(bump vs. time) sections of the model designer. There are ways of finding out this info, but I believe it would be much more helpful to see the info live while adjusting it.
Just my thoughts. Discuss? :slight_smile:

There is a graph for spring/dampning. It is the Body Bump chart, though it can be a bit cumbersome to read. It can definitely be used to fine tune the suspension. The Yaw graph is also helpful because it indicates over/under steering, which is easily correctable with suspension adjustments. The Acceleration graph can be useful too, but harder to correlate adjustments.

It’s difficult to show such graphs before the whole car is completed and tested because there can be important variables which are not known yet. The vehicle dynamics calculations also need a lot more time, so you would have to wait a few tenths of a second everytime you click on for example a suspension tuning slider. That would be really annoying. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. Thank you for the explanation. Makes sense, I just wish I knew what I was doing so I wouldn’t have to flip back and forth so much :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the point really :slight_smile: We want the game to be rewarding learning what’s actually going on and understanding the various dependencies. With much more feedback added it would deteriorate to “Automation: The Slider Tweaking Simulator” ;( So yeah, not only is it very difficult to do, it also would destroy the core premise of the game to some degree.

Plus, in the end, when you build 20 cars and you understand how it all works, you end up putting in quite good numbers for the thing you are trying to achieve :slight_smile: