Simple testing

I am not asking for a full driving simulator along with a giant terrain full of roads and trees if that is what you thought when you first read the title. What I am asking is whether it will be possible to make some sort of way to test your vehicle prototypes and final products. Something like a rolling road that will allow you to accelerate and brake the car and change the gears showing you revs, speed, current fuel economy etc. The rolling road like real testing ones will make forces that simulate friction and air resistance at the speed that the car is travelling and therefore giving realistic fuel economy results and throttle needed etc.


I would be perfectly happy with some kind of simulated (not self controlled) test drive which results the stats of the car. I think this is the way the devs have planned this testing to be done.

I don’t know what this suggestion would bring in the game play if this same thing would be self controlled. I might try that for few times but I don’t think I would use that kind of feature when trying to complete my cars fast.

In my opinion wasting time from limited development team to a feature that would not bring much joy to game play is a waste of time.

Ps. I didn’t want to ruin your idea. I would love to be able to drive my cars in real 3D-city and test how they will handle and stuff like that but to be realistic this is not possible at the moment and if it’s not done properly in my opinion it should not be done at all.


That, exactly that. :slight_smile:

We do want to make it so you can watch your cars do test track tests, and the car simulation stuff we have for calculating car performance (Being worked on by Der Bayer) is designed with being able to run testing animations in mind. But there is no way we’re going to do driving your own cars unless it’s a proper race sim grade simulation. Go have a look at the old game “Old Timer” or “Motor City” (same game under different names). It had what you describe and it was awful, there wasn’t any grip physics or anything so all you did was drive down a straight road, doing kinda nothing…