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Slipstream’s first feature article from the October 2016 magazine has been released in text. It features a compact car comparison between the 2016 MD Volo 2.0 S, 2017 Baltazar Quasar EX, 2016 Saminda C3 Specta L 1.5T, and 2016 BMMA Salmon 2.0 Opicina.

Comments and criticism is greatly appreciated.

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Nice read !

I however did not expect Brazil to make such a fine car , the C3 however is more than a decent car to drive ( i own one ) , BMMA cars are always more expensive.

Thoroughly enjoyable read, nice work!
One piece of feedback? I don’t know how tired you were when writing this, but jumping in between tenses is very disorienting. Apart from that, all round solid job! :smile:

@Leonardo9613 nailed it with the Quasar, which basically did almost everything right and hence deserved to win. As for the next Slipstream issue, what will be in it?

Felt like a proper automotive shootout. Top notch work, looking forward to more!

Anyone who knows Leo knows that compacts are his jam. The results aren’t surprising at all.

The upset is that the Znopresk came last. Well, this one’s the BMMA, that explains a lot actually, it’s the sports line that comes at the expense of other practical considerations in this segment. I’m not sure what this variant was doing in the lineup!


I should have sent an up trim Zest, not the low entry Salmon. My bad (or read it like “I had the Slamon already designed and I didn’t had a clue of how design the looks of the Zest so…”)


We at Slipstream Magazine are pleased to announce that we are open to recruiting writers for our magazine. For credentials, you must be able to write and speak fluent and grammatically correct English. It is recommended that you are proficient in writing articles which are informative, entertaining, and decently lengthy. Please drop a message if you’re interested.



The winner of our latest comparison test, the 2017 Baltazar Quasar. With its sexy looks, sporty handling, and great feature list, it won the test by a mile. Check out our full comparison for more!


Don’t forget, we’re always open for reviews. Does your company have a new model that’s yet to be reviewed? Send your vehicles in and we’ll cover it. Thank you for your cooperation.


Looks like Dodge Dart

I recognize the background for the picture depicting the Quasar - it’s Trial Mountain from the Gran Turismo series (specifically, the fourth turn, which is inside a tunnel). The Quasar would definitely not be out of place in that game at all!

LOL, i already have a car called the Slipstream!

Slipstream’s second feature article from the June 2017 magazine has been released in text.

Comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated.

These cars are the heart and soul of luxury car manufacturers. They usually provide the main source of revenue; because of this, the cars are of the upmost importance. We are of course speaking about entry-level luxury vehicles. The cars we tested are the 2017 Sachiuri sL200 Sports Touring 3.0L ActivBoost, 2017 Erin Tauga Lex 2.5L, 2018 Bonham Chaucer S 3.0T, and 2018 Rennen Angeles Premium 3.0.

Click here to read the full review. - Sporty, Suave, and Sophisticated


The result of this test was not much of a surprise at all; the Sachiuri, despite its handling prowess, was out of its depth due to a lack of interior quality; on the other hand, the Rennen won by a clear margin by having enough standard equipment to justify its increased price, while the Erin only stood out for its affordability and the Bonham was a good all-round premium car - but one that was ultimately outclassed by the Rennen. You certainly have delivered another outstanding piece of writing!

Slipstream magazine is back! We’ve done some housekeeping (as you may have seen from our sister company MotorNation), and we’re here to stay!

Our latest review is done by Jade Raven, testing out the latest Erin Tauga 300Lex.

Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks @DeusExMackia for the car.


Fantastic review, this feedback is really appreciated. A bit too twitchy at the top end then for Ms Raven? :wink:

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Can we have reviews for some of our cars? The cars we would like reviewed are the 1951 Calvinator 2 Door, 1968 Bruiser R RM, and 1969 Power Wagon R.
Here is the link to our site;

We would also like the new 2020 Power Wagon reviewed when we have a car available.

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Slipstream wants your SUVs!

We are creating an article small, premium crossovers. Use the Mercedes GLA, BMW X2, and Lexus RX as examples. They should be ~$40,000 Dollars, with 60-80% markup.

Please keep in mind that submission does NOT guarantee a review. We will be selecting our favorite examples for the article. Please send all entries to me or @titleguy1

Please have all entries in by the 15th of May. Thank you.