Small Cars and other types

We almost have all the car types and bodies as we ever imagine but we don’t have some like the


1984-1990 Dodge Grand Caravan

Compact Car:

Mark I&Mark II Mini Cooper(1959-2000)

2015 Lincoln MKC

Compact/Subcompact SUV:

2007-Present Jeep Liberty

Medium Size SUV:

2011-Present Mercedes-Benz M-Class(W166)

Full-Size SUV:
2015 Cadillac Esclade

Medium Size Sedan or Saloon/Station Wagon or Estate/Hatchback:

(Europe)2012-Present Ford Mondeo/(US)2013-Present Ford Fusion
2014-Present Mercedes Benz E-Class Station Wagon/Estate(W213)

1974 Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit (Mk1)


2014-Present Ford Transit


2014-Present Mercedes Benz S600

Stretch Limousine
2003-2011 Lincoln Town Car Limousine


1955-1957 Ford Thunderbird

Personal Luxury Car:

1955-1956 Continental Mark II

1964-1966 Ford Mustang Convertable

Full-Size Pick-Up Truck:

2015 Ford F150

And these are all the cars type we don’t have and can you please add this to game?

You are aware the game is still in development and the “content-adding phase” is at least a year away? The devs haven’t “forgotten” about these body types, they just aren’t a priority right now.

Oh and +1 for personal luxury car… not that I’m biased or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: