Small Rejig of Aero UI to see affects of morphing

Hey guys,

I was just thinking it would be cool to be able to morph the body and see the resultant affects on the downforce and frontal area in real time. Here’s a quick mockup.

I’m suggesting we utilize existing graphs and features already available just letting the car be morphed from the aero screen and moving a couple of the items available in the Testing panel to the aero panel.

IIRC morphs don’t affect aero at all.

They absolutely do.

Morphs affect Front and Rear downforce, lift and frontal area.

The only aero not affected by morphs is Drag Coefficient

You can test this yourself by morphing a car to be very wide and then checking the frontal area on the Test page. Additionally, changing bonnet angels and windshield angles affects the downforce.

This is all testable I’d strongly recommend you go and check for yourself.