Some suggestions about the tycoon and car designer parts of the game

First of all lets start with the tycoon suggestions since this is the current developpement focus and that there are way more people with car designer suggestions rather than tycoon part suggestion.

-I 've read somewhere that in the final version of the game the world we play in will be the real world instead of the fictional world we currently have in game. In this case could we should have stronger market differences between US,European and japanese built cars.
For exemple in europe automated transmission wasn’t popular until the lare 2000’s a least even now most of the everyday cars use manual, so the current penalty of comfort and drivability should apply only in countries in which automatic is popular and in the same time european market should have a penalty for automatic until 2k something.
Japanese market could penalize non kei cars if the car isn’t a luxury or sportcar
i don’t know enough the us preferances to find something for them but you got my point
This could even be beta-tested in the fictional world.

The brand’s image could also influence the markets, for exemple a company known for it’s budget cars shouldn’t be able to sell a sport car as much as brand specialized in sport cars. It could be done like a mirror to the familiarity we already have ingame.

There could be a form of events happening every year to promote your company, like the Geneva Motor Show, this could be the place where the player can modify it’s image. For exemple a player who owns a budget company could have his penalty over luxury cars lowered if he is succesfull at the event
this could take form ingame like a contest between the player an the mean of top 3 competitors for a chosen market

Now my suggestions for the car design part

It would be nice if we could select a group of fixtures and save their current positions and sizes in order to replicate them on the car or on other ( this could appear in a “custom group” fixture type)
this could be especially useful when you try to keep a specific grille as company signature design or if you build a sophisticated badge using many fixtures

it could also be nice to have numbers value of size in order to be consistant in a chain of fixtures

In the early part of the game ( id say until 1965 but it’s at it’s peak in the late 40’s early 50’s) the body designs are a little too much centered around usa design, i think we could use more european or japanese bodies

Well it was maybe a liitle too long but i felt like i had to share these little details bothering me while playing this awsome game

And sorry if my english is sometimes completely broken, it’s not my native language and i may be overconfident while typing

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cool ideas!

I am pretty sure a lot of that is already planned, some of those aspects are even somewhat already ingame. Fruina for example likes Sportness so a Manual makes more sense there than Gasmea where comfort is weighted more.

That is already ingame. Repution and even brand Prestige

Thats a +1. It would be nice if people could vote in a multiplayer match for the best car at the end of the month. But the topic of Multiplayer is something for the far future.

I think the answer to this is “Yes, but its complicated to do”

You mean like cloning fixtures? Thats ingame.

Oh deffo. But people know that and that era is getting some attention already by some modders.


First of all thx for the detailed response

About the Motorshow idea, i was speaking of a contest between the player and computer generated cars but i like the multiplayer idea ALOT even though we kinda already have this kind of things through the challanges the car sharing threads on the forun and discord

About the size i was speaking for when you try to keep the same fixture between models in order to keep the same size between the different cars