Spacing for editable text

Could we get adjustable spacing for the editable text fixtures? Right now we can only make everything wider/narrower if we want to change spacing, which is not really optimal for creating spread out text lines, as are the trend on modern cars.


It’s nowhere near as easy, but you can use fixture duplication and the numeric inputs for fixture placement to achieve a similar effect with the old, letter-by-letter text (you’re spacing letters by centreline rather than by edges, which is actually better for this).

My usual method is to place one letter at the centre, duplicate it then move the text 10-20 points at a time, using trial and error to get it placed correctly. Keep a running total, so you know how far it is from one side to the centre. Once you know this, you can calculate the rest of your offsets fairly easily by dividing the total distance up into chunks, then just input the offset for each character numerically.

It’s more work, sure, but it gets the job done.

Well, yeah, I know, I haven’t used as elaborate methods for text yet, but I’ve used exactly that for making a custom grille. But since we already have the editable text…