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Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

I must also admit that either Fore is great value for money and a fine drive, especially in Eagle trim, which is a real giant-killer! It was developed before the Birdie, though, and it shows.

Perfectly pitched. The Birdie is indeed the “afterthought” where the Eagle GTi is the mainstay. Its strengths and weaknesses that Gavin so accurately captured are somewhat modelled after the 9th Gen UK Civic Hatch: same strangely disappointing power to eco ratio, lazy auto with long gears, strangely deficient rear legroom and teeny rear doors, but also really nice and pleasant to sit in and drive. The main point of difference is that it has alu panels so it’s lighter. But also a bit more expensive than the entry-level it aimed to compete at, which is why it’s the afterthought: it can’t really make up its mind because it is in essence a heavily detuned, toothless Eagle. You’d get it if you were struggling to eke out a little enjoyment in your commute in a life dictated by practical concerns and people wanting you to get a car with all the amenities so they didn’t have to suffer, a situation I know very well. As a result I would expect the Birdie to sell about as well as the 9th Gen Civic Hatch, which is to say, not particularly, especially since the hatches of 2017 are so damn competitive I wouldn’t be surprised if rear leg room was actually a major determinant in market share.

As for the Eagle, well, it’s pretty much been said. You might ask “why not just make it FR, MR or AWD, anything but FF” but, again, like the FK2 and FK8 Type R, that’s precisely the point and Armada simply won’t do otherwise, because they have cars in other formats already, duh. This is out to prove that FF can do real sporty, and for that to happen it had to be light.

With markups accounted for, you can get the Fore Birdie for under 17k AMU, and the Eagle GTi for 27.7k AMU. The latter is expected to compete with sport cars in the 30-35k AMU bracket.


The question now is, where next for Armada?

This is a very good question. One of the reasons they aren’t well known is that they’re not very large (if GG is a micro company, then Matteo Miglia is a tiny company, and Armada would be small), but the Fore was supposed to be the one thing that they had that was mainstream appeal. The other reason is that I never got around to creating a thread for them. Which I’ll eventually have to rectify, but I have a lot to do before that.

Armada is supposed to be making, in 2017 (not all released at the same time):

  • The Fore range, which is their all-in-one FF platform from zippy eco-box to stripped rev-box to GTi to trophy hatch racer with engine borrowed from a larger car. The Fore will continue development as the backbone of Armada’s revenue, so long as the hot hatch remains relevant
  • said larger car: Ceres, a midsize FR sedan that would compete with the M4
  • probably: a small i6 coupe which is a remake of the Talon, from the late 70s, an early turbo car
  • also hopefully: an MR coupe which would probably be their flagship, though I don’t have any concrete plans yet because I haven’t backfilled the lore. All I know is that I need this to be there otherwise where the heck is the Lotus clone part of the company :joy:

So a fairly small and focused company then basically? With a definite performance edge to it? Gavin will remember that for next time :wink:


Gavin meets his childhood hero - the Assoluto Crinale.


Ok. So now, where is Porsche 959 Himmel ??? to compare, Mr. Hamm… umm, Anderson? :wink:


Quite a fitting verdict for such an unhinged machine! Once again your writing has clearly hit the bullseye, without a single word out of place.

A rear-engined city car that’s awfully fast; the Conte Pulga RR Sportpackage gets roadtested.


A new review of an old car - it’s the Dolphine Mk. 1 Sprint!


Gavin drives the final edition of the Hodan Okayama.


Gavin drives another budget supercar - the Scarab Ceres SR.


It’s not often Gavin gets to drive a concept car, but when the offer comes along…


The ultimate in Italian luxury; the Zavir Squalo Ultimate gets driven.


Hey, It’s the Ganter Motors museum. We can give a 1953 Ganter Indiana V8 Auto Coupe for testing and showing up.


Heya @FX04, if you’d like something reviewed, PM me and I’ll add you to Gavin’s list of cars he needs to review :smiley:

Review: 2018 KHT Eau Rouge (Street)

“Hypercar 101”


Literally how I’d describe a 1980s Monolith S76 lorry.


That is… surprisingly correct. Pure maths and engineering approach. A veyron with a different set of goals, and i did not notice that till you pointed that out. Thanks for the review mate!


I agree with you fully. It’s a pragmatic, rather than emotional, hypercar, but still crazy enough to give most drivers a real fright if they’re not prepared.