Spoof your Brand! challenge [RESULTS ARE IN!]

Spoof your Brand! Challenge


Many of you have one or even several automotive brands with more or less well-developed car model and variant line-ups throughout the decades, and more or less well developed lore behind it. The Car Sharing forum contains well-curated car brand threads, some with Wikipedia-style entries or even graphical car ads. You draw on established brands and car models to enter challenges such as the CSR series. In most cases, presenting and developing your brand and cars in this community is serious business - and rightly so.
But how about a more light-hearted change of pace?

The challenge - its goal and how to enter

The goal of this challenge is to spoof (one of) your own brand(s) in a hilarious, funny, critical etc. way.

There are many possible formats for a submission:

  • A spoof of a print ad for a car model of your brand (see Inspirations)
  • A written outline for an Honest Commercials ad video for your brand, accompanied by e.g. the start and the end image (photoscene + slogan) (see Inspirations)
  • An outline of a script for a short episode for Jezza/Hamster/Cpt. Slow of TGT, Mr. Regular of RCR, Mr. DougScore etc. with one or more still images as well as some snippets of their snide remarks about the peculiarities of your brand / a typical representative car / the typical clientele that would buy the car or drive it as hand-me-down etc. (see Inspirations)
  • An outline of a script for a spoof short film (think BMW films meets South Park / Family Guy / …), along with one or more stills of possible scenes with your car in it
  • A short fake CSR-like forum challenge as the backdrop for a spoof submission of your own (all in one single post)
  • … whatever other suitable format you can come up with that fits the spirit of this challenge

How can I win?

Everyone who enters and has some fun in the process, is automatically among the winners! In addition, there will be a poll after the challenge deadline to determine the everyone's favourite spoof. Depending on the number and range of entries, there may be more than one category for the pool. Those categories will only be announced at the end so that you cannot optimise your entry for a particular poll category.

Some ground rules:

  • Only spoof a brand that you ‘own’ and a car that you are responsible for designing & developing. The goal is to roast yourself, not others!
  • If you collaborated for the development of a a brand or car that you spoof, make sure all collaborators are onboard with your submission (and tag them in your post)!
  • Your post should contain at least one or more images with the car in it related to the spoof
  • Your spoof should be understandable without intricate background knowledge of your brand
  • Your brand can be located on Earth or in the Autoverse (Gasmea, Fruinia etc.).
  • No NSFW submissions! Bad taste is allowed, of course (hello, J.C.! :grin: - see inspirations), as long as it is in-line with forum rules.
  • No need to submit a .CAR file or anything else to anyone, just put everything here in a single post.
  • Links to your brand thread in the Car Sharing forum or other challenges where you entered the same car is encouraged (but not required)

Inspirations (for spoof print ads):

Inspirations (for vids that spoof or make fun of brands/cars)

Start and end

Submissions are now closed.

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The poll closes Friday, 2021-07-02 AOE (anywhere on Earth).


Interesting concept at least.


Not exactly fitting, but it reminded me of this: Automationball comic


This should be interesting.

this does sound pretty interesting, i might treat one of my cars to this lol

Excellent - open for submissions now. Let’s bring on the self-roasts!

If I have understood this correctly, this is what we’re supposed to do?


Do cars still have to be submitted?

…and I quote… (highlight added by me for emphasis)


Oh okay.

About one week to go, and for further inspiration, here is a slight update of my ad for the Best buy for under 14K 1993 (Final verdicts: page 5/5, final conclusion!) - #70 by AndiD challenge

I am sure you can do way better than this! :wink:



This scandinavian bucket is all made of plastic
And in 1962 cornering was absolutely fantastic
But dailying it today would be kind of drastic
And as usual our review will be totally sarcastic

1962 RAUK PM2, the official car of “I want to die like a real man.”

And this time, there is truth behind it. Forget the “no airbag” stickers, this is basically a plastic waterbucket placed on some pieces of square profile tubing and then they have crammed a tuned Volvo redblock into it. So why is it actually pretty fast despite having an engine from a car that is known to do about half of the speed limit wherever it is driving? Well, the key to it was to don’t give a (BLEEEEP!) about including any of the safety equipment from a Volvo. Forget even having a seatbelt, because as we all know, only people that is insecure in their sexuality will prefer an open casket funeral over having a close casket.

The RAUK PM2 will take you back to a completely different era. One where posers could not drive a real sports car. Because you know what? If this car was a person, it would more or less be that bully from grade school, where your rank in the playground was based on if you was cool enough to take all his abuse so you and him could be friends, instead of having the milk from your lunchbox running down your (slowed down to 0.25 x speed) UUUUUUNDEEEEEERPAAAAAANTSSSS.


OK, but where were we? Oh yeah, the RAUK PM2. This is what you get when your priorities is to build a sports car with all the compromises you can find, and we don’t mean on cornering, braking or performance. The dashboard is more or less some scrapwood where someone has used a hacksaw and a file to having somewhere to put the twenty Stewart Warner gauges that is needed to keep everything under control, because OBVIOUSLY, this Ovlov iron lump is more complicated than anything you find in a fighter jet.

But what could be said about driving it? Weeeeelll… it’s absolutely (laughing) RUBBISH. The noise levels are marginally lower than in any workplace where you’re needed to wear hearing protection. There can be no springs, judging by the levels of ride comfort, they are probably replaced with some genuine Swedish granite. The seats are said to be from a 50s Ford Popular, you know the small english Ford that one could believe came as a gasser already from the factory, and they are more like lawn chairs than anything you will expect to find in an automobile.

(This still picture in half a minute)

1962 RAUK PM2, the official car of walking around at Cars and coffee, telling everybody that “THIS IS NOT A KIT CAR! HEY! IT IS A RARE PIECE OF SWEDISH AUTOMOBILE HISTORY! YUP! NOT A KIT CAR!” before anyone ever asked.

But am I being a bit harsh on the RAUK PM2 at the moment? Absolutely. Because as much as this is a torture chamber, it is also genuine driving pleasure that you never will find in a modern car with all the nanny regulations required, no matter how many HURSPURS they will cram into it or how much the suspension will use more computer power than you needed to run a deathmatch in Quake in 1997 to calculate the dampening needed at the moment to not run off the road. In the RAUK PM2 you will take that corner at the right speed, or you will be splattered all over the ditch, it is all up to you and your driving experience, and if you fuck everything up it is just because you deserved it.

And in a world where everything is about being connected 24/7, autonomous cars and (loud fart sound), we actually have to be thankful for the enthusiasts that is saving cars like the RAUK PM2. And this is not even a moment of (slowed down to 0.25x speed) “OOOOOK BOOOOOMEEEEEERRRR”, because face it, most boomers will cringe at even the thought to have a single creature comfort removed.

1962 RAUK PM2, the official car of I put gravel in my shoes because I will feel like I am awarded when I can take them off.

And you know what, you scandinavian piece of ROAD HUGGING, ASS WHACKING, EAR KILLING PRIMITIVITY, I sure will miss you and I will wish like I could come back to you again, and again, and again and again.

Oh, by the way, the scrapwood dashboard, is it really _(slowed down to 0.25 x speed)_BROOOOOOOWN?

Yes. Very.


In the style of Clint's Reptiles let's review

Mons Customs restomods

Mons Customs are a well-known subsidiary of Mons Automotive. They have produced some of the most sought-after restomods in the automotive industry. But to see if they are the right car for you, we’ll evaluate them based our five criteria:

  1. handleability
  2. care
  3. hardiness
  4. availability
  5. upfront costs

Before we begin, a little background to familiarize yourself with some of Mons Custom’s restomods:

First, there was the insane AWD El Camino. It produced nearly 570 HP from the original 401 block, and rivaled any modern Charger SRT Hellcat in performance. And it was expensive. You can read more here.

Next, there was the Scout. It somehow managed to fit two cozy beds in the back and included a modular tent system that expanded the living quarters to sleep four and also had a full kitchen and living area. But this was not for the faint of heart - this beastie was a true off-roader and could go anywhere even though, this too, kept the original engine. But, it was expensive. More details here.

Mons Custom’s third creation was the GT-A. Despite keeping the original engine, this car was very track-worthy, and with the proper tires could even tackle some dirt. The luxurious interior and all the upgrades to make this possible were certainly not cheap though. More on the car can be read here.

Finally, we have the Demon NSX. Again, keeping the original engine, the Customs team managed to pump out a lot more ponies - 666 to be exact. This monster also has some extravagant touches, which resulted in a similarly extravagant price. More on the car here.

Now, let's get into our review of Mons Customs based on our five criteria.


All of these cars have one thing in common: they are surprisingly easy to drive. Granted, the El Camino and NSX are - true to their muscley background - a little harder to muscle around a track (pardon the pun), but due to their AWD systems and forgiving gearboxes, they are still pretty easy to drive. The GT-A was basically made idiot-proof with a FWD conversion. The Scout was fully geared for off-road use, but still managed well above average handleability for its class. Overall, we give Mons Customs a score of **3.5/5** - these cars are not out to kill you, but they just might if you're not careful.


All of these cars kept their original engine blocks, but received major improvement in engine components, drivetrain, electronics... the list goes on. These cars are in fact a lot more robust than the originals. That said, all of these cars are meant to be pushed to the limit, and as such will need a lot of care. Servicing these cars will probably not be cheap. Not to mention, the hand-made interiors, the shiny new paint... these will all need good care if you want to look your best at the new car show. As such, we give these cars a **2.5/5** - they will indeed need a lot of care to look and perform their best.


The good news is, that if you take good care of these beasts, they will reward you with many years (and miles) of fun on the road. Mons Customs has upgraded many components of the cars, and when possible weather-protected the chassis and panels. Many engine, suspension, and brake components have been upgraded significantly to reduce weight, improve performance, and not the least to enhance durability. As such, these cars are virtually bomb-proof. We give these cars a score of **4/5**.


Mons Customs works exclusively on bespoke, custom orders. The queue is rather long and filled with celebrities and top car enthusiasts. As such Mons Customs is very selective about who they take as customers. You and your project have to fit within their vision. As such, we can only give availability of a Mons Customs a score of **1/5**.

Upfront Costs

All of Mons Customs' restomods push the limits of their customers' budgets. If you want quality, you will have to pay. Another major cost is that you probably want a good garage to house your bespoke restomodded custom. The least expensive component is probably the original base car that you have to supply... although, depending on what you want rebuilt, that could be quite expensive too. As such, we give a score of **2/5** for upfront costs; not the lowest score simply because you _can_ restomod a very cheap base car, if you wanted.

In conclusion, we give a Mons Customs restomod an average score of…


In other words, if you are a true restomod enthusiast and can afford it and are willing to put in the work to take care of your baby so it looks and performs its best every day, then you cannot get a better investment than a Mons Customs restomod. But it is certainly not for everybody. In fact, if you ask yourself the question “Is a Mons Customs restomod the right car for me?”, then it probably isn’t.


Ignoring the fact that it shares one half of its name with a legendary Japanese sports car and the other half with the most powerful trim of an American pony car, this is an apt name for Mons’ interpretation of a restomodded Buick GNX - speed demons will flock to it in droves.

Shijiazhuang Motors Presents - The X1

A car that requires you cross-reference the name from other forum posts!
A car funded by the Chinese government, so that The West can more efficiently fund Communism!
A car for the type of person who wants to be comfortable, but not respected!

If you’re the type of person who wants to get shot at by a man holding a sawed-off shotgun in his right hand and a confederate flag in his left, yelling “Freedom Ain’t Free!” while driving through rural Alabama on your annual family road trip, this is the car for you!
If you want a car less reliable than your dad’s favorite NFL team, this is your car!

2000 Shijiazhuang Motors X1, You Wanted An Allroad, Didn’t You?


About 24h to go - let me know if you have something in the works and need a bit of extra time.

(I missed the van challenge!!!)

Thissssss, is the Wells V1 Touring.

A van that families never knew they needed, or wanted for that matter.

The V1 Touring is something Wells dubbs, a “Sport Van”.

Who would’ve thought we’d see the day when Sport and Van are connected and joined at the hip.

Vans are normally classified as boring, anyway you look at it. Grocery getters and people movers…basic transportation.

Not the V1 Touring. This…VAN, is nothing of the sort. Packing 344hp and 404lb ft @3300rpm with a 0-62 time of 6.3 seconds, this …VAN is no slouch.

How fast do you need to get your kids to soccer practice anyway? Are you afraid your milk is gonna spoil from the store to your house?

Thank goodness for all the electronic goodies or else soccer moms and dads would be burning rubber in every parking lot.

The V1 is slated to hit dealers at the end of summer. Expect to fork over a hair under 50k for the front wheel drive Touring model.

Yes, I said Front Wheel Drive…AWD is extra.

Ok… time’s up, and the poll is up:

The poll is open until 2021-07-02 AOE (anywhere on Earth)

Less than 48 hours to get your vote in!