Sports Car Revolution {Final review -FINISHED}

It’s 2015, going onto 2016. Have you noticed a trend? Yes, that’s right: Sports cars are rising again. The new competitors range from small hot hatches to gargantuan luxury cruisers. It’s up to you to make a car that can compete. All of the cars must be fast, fun, and frugal. Some may be cheap, other may be expensive, but in the end, you’ve got to make them better than the rest. The top 3 will have their cars reviewed.

Please, if you don’t have the steam version of the game, use vanilla parts only.

[quote]** —Regulations—
Vehicle must have a total cost under $12,000.
No regulation on doors.
Fuel economy > 30 MPG US.
Sportiness > 30.
Comfort > 20.
0-100 KM/H < 7.0 seconds.
Prestige > 15.
Service costs < $2,000 for the entire car, recommended. Penalty for every $250 over you go, starting at $2,000.
Drivability > 40
Safety > 55
Regular or Premium Fuel.
Catalytic Converter required.
Emissions under 120.
Tech year 2015.

Very high importance - Sportiness
High importance - Price, Cost of Ownership
Medium importance - Fuel Economy, Prestige
Lesser importance - Comfort, Practicality
Slight importance - Utility[/quote]


Please name your model and engine files like this. All others are free for you to name.

The deadline is August 3rd. Maximum of 20 entries, so, you better hurry!
—Accepted Entries—

















Leo9613 - Honestly, weird shit is happening. Sorry.

louras - Missing trim

If you are not mentioned, please tell me. I’ll let you know if I forgot about your entry or not.

—Rejected Entries—

mer_at - LUA errors

Which tech year is this going to be, 2015, or 2016?

Type of fuel?
Emissions equipment required?

Says it.

I should think much more thoroughly. Yes, you are required to have a catalytic converter.

Mods allowed? If so which ones?

Drivability doesn’t matter?

Starting to really nitpick because the tolerances are fairly tight in this challenge: are those limits strictly ‘lesser than’ and ‘greater than’? For example, is a comfort of 20.0 permissible? Or should it be at least 20.1?

It’s over. So 20.1 is permissable, but 20.0 is not.

Mods are allowed as long as it’s in the Steam workshop.

Drivability greater than 40.

Thanks for the quick replies Titleguy1!!

I shall enter an LHE design. It should do poorly. :slight_smile:

Nice, time to… come up with something… :mrgreen:

softens the rear damper by 0.1Ns/mm right, all good now :stuck_out_tongue:

Need to transport the kids to school, but want something seriously sporty? Struggling to make the repayments on your house, or the rent and utilities, but love driving too much to consider anything less than a road rocket? Find yourself looking longingly at that seriously kitted out sports car, but think it’s overpriced bloatware, what with all the ridiculous accoutrements they all come bundled with?

In short, do you want to go fast, but you don’t have 75-120 grand to drop on a frivolity?

Lucky for you, Armada Motors’ new iteration of their staple family hatch, the Fore Gen. IV, includes a trim level for this growing market, caught between sporting fantasy and real-life responsibility. It has four seats. It uses regular sized wheels. It has good fuel economy. It’s the same price as a mid-range hatch, and for the sacrifice of a radio, it gains oodles of power in the form of a fancy DOHC turbo setup with enough donk to put most cars three, four times its price to shame. Besides, who needs a radio when you’re listening to the turbo whine and your kids have their heads buried in their portable consoles and media players anyway? Not that we recommend both these things happen at the same time…

… When you’re more confident that you’re not about to cause some serious motion sickness action in the back row, you can take the car directly to the track and fang it. This is a car that really goes all out to deliver a true sports experience on a budget, with finely tuned suspension and super light polymer panels to produce unprecedented performance both in the corners and on the straights. While the other regular contenders approach and exceed 30 grand for a boring drive, and the sportier offerings rack up the features and costs, this car won’t leave the young hopeful in the lurch with a sub 30k price tag.

Fore Gen. IV SuperLite: Driving = Entertainment.

EDIT: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I accidentally deleted my car, oops! I’ll have to rebuild it before I submit.

What about reliability ? maybe it should be required too ? i think it would be more realistic

Featuring the most current refresh to the Comstar line, the X4F-SX4. As a mid year release to the current 2015 MY lineup, the SX4 is the first Comstar to receive the ‘big block’ modular Ti-SX series engines which debuted in 1974, and like the X series has received nearly as much refinement over the years.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the X4F-SX4 is an homage to the original limited production high performance Comstar of 1965, all while staying true to its roots and offering an affordable, reliable car.

This special version of the 2015 Comstar seats only 4 passengers, has a much stiffer suspension, and most importantly the current revision of the significantly larger and more powerful Ti-SX4 Modular. Weighing in at 2709cc this special version of the motor is built using all the parts used for the P-Series, while being mapped and tuned to provide near the same economy of the E-Series. Giving this car all the power it needs to punch well into the sports range, at a very affordable price.

Why are you all making hot hatchbacks? Where are the mid-engined sports cars? Or even the front-engined GTs?

I have something that could fix that imbalance, coming soon. (and strop, this time I’ll try to make it look nice :stuck_out_tongue:)

Kampf: Hmm, considering that this will be Battalion’s debut into such competition, we’ll play it safe and enter our Mk.II of a sports car that had been dropped months ago due to a financial crunch. The Tatsuta Mk.II GLS.

Rikako: Wait…can that even be remotely called sporty? The Sport version, yes, but the GLS? Even I’m holding back about revealing it’s looks.

Leo sums up exactly what I think about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering, is it possible to send in more than one entry?

No, sorry. Restricted to one entry only.