Start the tycoon

Everything you showed so far is very good …lets say even briliant. But ! Remember that the tycoon part has to be beter than the designer. At what point would you start working on it ? And also i want to ask about quality slider for the interior the supension the gearbox etc. will there be any ? As i see it you can make a car with a cheap luxury interior ( like my SsangYong Rexton ) with a mid-class luxury interior ( lets say skoda superb ) and then high-end (S-class 7series) Will there be such thing ? I think that it will be relatevely easy to implement because it will just affect the stats you showed lately …but then again it is up to you . Also if we have quality slide for suspension breaks gearbox etc. you can implement in the tycoon part guarantees and also cost of guarantee claims ( you make cheap gearbox it breaks before the guarantee expires you pay the repair ) like a side expense number .

The team is currently working on optimizing the simulations and some content, as they can’t build the Tycoon until they’ve got the foundation optimized. They’ll start developing when the time comes.

Indeed quality sliders are going to be in for all the car designer tabs, they were added to the closed beta this week and need to be properly linked to dependencies in the next few days. So yeah, what you describe will be possible to some degree. How we handle guarantees is not set in stone yet, we’ll have a more in-depth discussion about that when work on the tycoon part gets started, which is as soon as the car designer is done.