Steam Closed Beta (Closed, Emails Sent)

[size=150]Steam Testers Needed[/size]

With all of us back from the marketing-campaign roadtrip with The Smoking Tire, we are working
full throttle towards the Steam Early Access release of the game. There is a date for this too:
12th March 2015 is booked in! This means that we have very little time left for polishing up what
we have right now, and to make sure the game works not only on our long-time beta testers’
machines, we want to invite you to join the final two weeks of testing before the game’s launch.

This time around we keep it simple and won’t integrate you into our closed-beta testing system
POMMS right away, but doing well in helping us out will certainly catch our attention and probably
give you an invite to the small closed-beta team for the next updates to be released on Steam.

[size=150]How does it work?[/size]

If you see yourself fulfilling the requirements listed below, then you write a little application post
here in this thread. Out of these applicants we will select up to 50 people to join the testing on
Steam. Once selected, we will convert your active game key into a Steam key for the game, giving
you access to the game on Steam right away. Also, at that point you will be given access to the
closed-beta section here on the forums, where all discussion and bug reporting will take place.

[size=150]So Here is the Deal[/size]

]You have preordered Automation./:m]
]You are willing to follow the rather strict rule set and work on scenarios and bug hunting./:m]
]You are willing to document your findings in a detailed and clear fashion./:m]
]You know that “testing” does not mean “just playing around” and definitely is not fun all the time./:m]
]You can spend more than a few hours on testing the game in the two weeks before launch./:m][/ul]

]Write one post in this thread about why you are interested in taking part in this./:m]
]If we deem your application sincere and the applications are closed, you’ll be PMed a confirmation
of your participation and more details on the testing process./

This invitation to join the testing team will remain open until (and including) Sunday the 22nd of February.
Post your application in this thread before then to be considered. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

now I think I would be ready to participate Closed Beta. Hope that you think so too. :slight_smile:

I have watched this game development program quite closely once I found the game few years ago. I bought the game straight away. I don’t have that much knowledge regarding software development for PCs but I have tested and debugged mobile machinery and PLC-software related to those. So I know how test cases are built and how they are tested in general. Also documenting any findings is something I know well.

I would like to help in any possible way to speed up and polish the game while it’s being developed.


I hope to get in this closed beta. testing to find all the bugs and since I will start my programming study next month, looking for bugs will be a good practice for the study.
I have a lot of time to play Automation all the time. and am developing some mods for the game at the moment. I am quite good in documenting my findings and have a remember almost everything so that will be handy in a big testing situation.

I bought the game some time ago and followed the development of the game ever since.

Hope to hear from you guys.

  • Necronn

I kind of want to but just doing scenarios all the time doesn’t sound that fun. I guess you can send me invite if there isn’t enough interested people to fill the quota. Don’t get me wrong I will try my best, I just think that you should let in people more enthusiastic about it first. I mostly want to play around with the new stuff tbh :wink: .

I want to test this game so badly because lots of improvements and changes made since the latest version. You guys made amazing work and I really excited about :smiley:

Hi. :slight_smile:
I preordered Automation since about 2 years. And think it will be an good game if it is Finish :slight_smile:
I Speak German and English and have also some programming experiences like in PHP, i also know Bug Tracking Systems like Trac, Bugzilla and so on.
Some years ago i worked on some projects as an Beta Tester Like Auran, Trainz, Trillian Astra and the Browsergame World Hack Organization.
At the Browsergame World Hack Organization i was some time also an Co Programmer…


Hey, i would like to join the Closed Beta, because i follow Automation since the very early days and boy, did i preorder it. xD I have some knowledge of programming and developing, so i would be very efficent with troubleshooting and bughunting, i guess :slight_smile:

I can also provide Feedback for German translation errors, if that is needed

I preordered Automation, and don’t mind working on scenarios at all. My biggest concern is time, as availability comes and goes for me. Right now I have a fair amount of spare time.

Edit: If you want to test how Automation runs on a crappy laptop, I’m a good choice for that… punts his computer

Hello, I would be interested in joining the Closed beta.

I have decent knowledge about many of the processes used in the manufacturing of various metal and composite components, including their main uses, as well as their advantages and inconvenients.

I have a some knowledge of the current limitation of the game and it’s engine, as I have created a few car models for the game, and I plan on creating fixtures soon. I also messed around with the car’s LUA.

I speak French as my first language, and would be ready to help on the French translation when you start working on that.

For the programming side I have some basic knowledge of VBA for Excel and Matlab. One of the things that I had to do during my previous internship included the programming and debuging of a few VBA scripts, the majority of them being forms.

I want to support you and here is why. :smiley:

I´ve never been so much interested in a game like Automation.
No day goes by without me spending at least two hours in playing, engineering, designing or optimising engines and cars in Automation.

I´m a technician and have got a quite good feel for the games spirit and for all the litle things you could do.

I simply love the whole package that Automation delivers and i want to help it to be the game in the genre, that every fan still rembers in 20 Years. :laughing:

Personal stuff:
natively german speaking with residence in germany and certificate in business english
technical IT background in softwareengineering and familar with workflows of softwareprojects

I´ve got two machines to test Automation and got vacation in first two weeks of March. :smiley:

and last but not least, one of your greatest fans. :wink:

Being a supporter from the very beginning I’d like to enlist in this important development step.
A steam launch is something that shall be as smooth as possible and helping this game to reach a broader audience with less bugs would be really intresting.

I’m native Italian and a good English speaker, I currently own two Pcs on whom I’m going to test, with the first being AMD FX 9590 and dual R9-290X(high-end?) and the other one being a 13 inch laptop with the titanic resolution of 3200x1800 managed by a GeForce GTX860m, a fairly odd configuration.

I don’t know if this matters but my Steam account is 2 year old with 270 games and no vac/trade/community bans.

Hi,I’d also like to join the closed beta.

I have a lot of time and a good memory,I can remember what i did i the game before a bug appeared.I’m ready to focus on whatever part of automation you’ll need tested.I’ve played a fair share of buggy games in my life and i always had fun looking for bugs.I’m a quick learner so i’m sure i’ll get a grasp of whatever software you’re using for this in no time.I already have steam account with some games on it and no bans but i guess that doesn’t really mater as anyone can make one.

I’m really excited about helping you make this game.


I’d love to give some time to test Automation. As you probably have noticed, I spend much too much of my free time here, so I’d be fine doing something (semi-)productive with that time as well. Now, don’t think that I would be a FAAAN tester, I would try my hardest to help find bugs, balance scenarios, and do what is asked of me. I do indeed fulfill all of the requirements, and would love a spot on the team.


I would be rather interested in this testing of the game. I have recently started studying mechanical engineering and this game was instantly on my mind to learn more about the engine building that goes on in big manufactures. However if I was selected I could not promise much time going into the testing because I am still in school and trying to get out of gaming so much, its bad for me the amount I game. So I would simply like to congratulate the team behind the game and complement on the wonderful job you have all done! :smiley: I can not participate in this bug hunting sorry but I would like to ask, will I need to purchase this game again when on steam? Probably a stupid question and you have probably answered this question before but I just want to confirm.

hey KillRob

I am here to show my support for the game and would love to be a beta tester for the game, I have on a few occasions sent you guys messages through facebook with bugs I have found to of which you guys quickly resolved ( thanks again btw ) .

I have had the full game for over a year, but been playing for much longer.

I take part in having a virtual company and from time to time host challenges and also compete.

over all the biggest thing for me is to help see this game reach its goal and would love to be a part of making it happen.



I would happily assist especially on the weekends (work during the week) can spare some time in the evening as well.

Documentation including screenshots or photos will be taken in case of lockup.
running on a laptop.

Also helps that i have a mechanic on hand :wink: who understands this quite well. e.g. fuel ratios, mixtures, bores, cams. Comes from the old school days of car tuning.



I, too, would like to help out for the upcoming Steam Release, to make sure the game has close to no bugs at all.
I already spend nearly every day with Automation in some ways, so bug-hunting with the clear dedication of eliminating even the tiniest little buggers, is something I would really like to help with. Also, I am old and my pc is old too. Why does it matter? Well, I have the patience and routine and my pc representes the avergae machine out there, according to Steam-statistics.

Let me know what you think, regardless, good luck and focus to all who get to help!

I’ve been waiting for the steam release for a while and am more then willing to play for a few hours every night after work. I have only put <500 hours into the game so you will get a person to test the game out that isn’t a pro builder. Most of my build time has been spent designing engines for specific “sales”, not just super engines. More then happy to type up a report for you after every day of playing letting you know what I find.

Please let me know if I can help out.

Hello, I am really interested in joining this closed beta.

I’m following the game development form the very beginning and I’m very exited you finally reach this point, grats!
By the way I fullfill all the requirements and will be an honor being in this game beta testing and help you guys in any way possible to reach the deadline not only reaching but surpassing all expectations if possible.
Count me in and let the bug hunting begin!

Sincerely, Christian.

Would love to help out with the beta testing, been playing the game for over a year now and I am more than willing to help you guys iron out the bugs before the big Steam launch.

Cars are an absolute passion of mine and I have been eagerly waiting for a game like this ever since Detroit on the Amiga all those years ago.

Done plenty of beta testing in the past so I know its not all fun and games but its absolutely essential to get a good working product onto Steam!