Suggestion and Clarifications


I would like to point out few things that could be modified (improved?)

  1. About the Sandbox

Is it possible to replace the safety landmarks basic,advanced etc by a technology?
For example: 50’s could be padded dash, 60’s 2 point seatbelts, 70’s 3 point seatbelts, 80’s ABS, 90’s single then twin then 4 airbags, 00’s ESP etc… These technologies could disappear step by step while we progress in time

I would like to link a possibility already in the game to a technology that already exists.
In mid90’s, Citroën created an active antiroll bar system called Système Citroën de Contrôle Actif du Roulis (SC-CAR). It allowed the car (Xantia ACTIVA) to have close to none bodyroll. In the game even by selecting the active antiroll bar, we still have to set-up their strenghts.
Is it possible to have a standard roll value of around 0.5° and have rool bar setting locked?

Something that is (I think) often misinterpretated, Is the +2/+3/2/3 setup for seats, I explain myself.
In car journalism the +2 is used for convertibles and coupés that have rear seats but are unusable.
The community has recognized this +2 has foldable 2 seats.
I don’t know which one to follow since 2 and +2 configuration has nearly no influence in practicality.
If It was foldable seats It should give a boost to this rating and not lower the others that are actually influenced by this setting.

  1. Career

Is it possible to not stop at 2020? Could we keep going till the end of time, so we can make profit with cars buit around 2015?

  1. Translation

Being french, and having a degree in car mechanic, I would like to bring help for translations. Is there anyway to communicate them to the developpers?

Keep the good work, this game is amazing! Cheers!

There’s a button for translations in the main menu, I don’t remember exactly, but I used it myself and it shouldn’t be hard to find - it directs you to a page where all the translations are crowd sourced.

As for +X seats - AFAIK it’s both, in general all seats that are not “full”.

I’ve found the link for translations! Close to the quitting game button!

About the seats, well, it’s sad since +2 for coupés are rarely foldable seats and I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing but only high end cars don’t have rear foldable seats where I live.