Suggestion to make playing better

How about a Multiplayer function for playing with friends, cruising around a city? I have an idea how it should be done.
First everyone designs his own car and when ready, go cruising around a city or village, or racing. Lets hope there will be a function like this later, pretty hard to do a city from scratch I guess…

There will be multiplayer yes, you’ll be able to run different companies each, or even share control over a company (for example one person could run ford Europe and the other person ford USA.

We hopefully will support up to 16 players.

There won’t be any kind of driving involved, its not a driving game at all, only a car company game for now

so we cant drive? lol

this is a tycoon game were the aim is to design and build cars (stratagy)not a race game.

Not racing, just cruising around with friends, or something…looks like my idea is about to fail :confused:

If we introduced that idea then:

  1. Tycoon aspect would be unfinished or…
  2. Game would be made longer than DNF. (OK, that’s exagerrated a bit, but nvm)

Both options are unacceptable, so looks like you’re right - your idea is about to fail.

As I have said in a couple of places before, if/when we ever allow people to drive the cars they design we are going to do it right.

We hold a high standard for everything we do, and if it can’t be done right to a standard we are happy with in a time frame we can afford, then we won’t do it. Driving cars and graphical interiors both fall into this category. We expect a lot, because we believe you guys expect a lot. If we do a half-hashed version just so it exists, it will be more detrimental than not making it.

Allowing you to race cars, or drive cars around a city in the standard it deserves would probably take at least 4000 man hours, probably a lot more. We don’t have that kind of time.

If we sell 50,000 copies then we can look at doing it, and probably will :slight_smile: